How to Sell High Ticket Offers

Written By Dan Henry

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What are you charging for your online course, coaching program, or digital product?

Have you ever felt like you're not earning your worth?

Even when you know you are worth more...

Maybe you just don't know how to sell it for more?

In my latest video, I'm going to show you why taking your current low ticket offer and converting it to a high ticket offer will change the game for you. 

In this video, I'm going to cover:

  • The difference between low ticket and high ticket offers
  • How LOWER gross sales can equal more money in your pocket than higher gross sales
  • How to structure your high ticket offer and onboarding process to get a 0% refund rate, 0% chargebacks, and NO piracy
  • AND... how the power of ending your offer ending with "Hey, book a call" can change your ENTIRE sales process for the better!


Hi, everybody in today's video, I'm going to show you how to sell your online courses, coaching events, masterminds. What have you for a high ticket price, by the way, don't forget to subscribe to this channel because the only reason you wouldn't subscribe to this channel, if you hate money,

My name is Dan Henry and I am the founder of get and the author of the popular book, digital millionaire secrets. And let me ask you a question. What are you charging for your online courses, coaching or service? What are you charging? Let me know in the comments I'm interested to know. All right. So here's what happens when we sell it could be anything, it could be a service, you know, digital marketing services. It could be an online course. It could be coaching a mastermind. It could be a variety of things. And if you've ever felt like you are undercharging, like you were not getting what you're worth, but at the same time, you know, you're worth more, but you just don't know how to sell it for more. Well, I'm going to solve that for you in this video. All right. So first let's take a look at the differences between selling something cheaper and selling something more expensive. So in February of 2019, I was mainly selling a low ticket offer. It was an online course and it was low ticket and low ticket is anything I would consider a $2,000 or below. So if you have a $500 course or coaching program thousand 2000, I consider that low ticket right now in February of 2020, we had switched to high ticket.

Okay. Now, what is the difference? Well, the main difference here is that our low ticket and by the way, high ticket is anything from five to $30,000, five $30,000 in respect to selling online courses, coaching services, digital marketing services, et cetera. Now here's the difference in this? I gave them access to videos. They had a login and that was pretty much it in this, there was multiple coaching calls per week, or there is multiple coaching calls per week, much more expansive curriculum, more support, et cetera. So just a higher level of service. And what ended up happening was very, very interesting. So in February of 2019, we hit an, a record million dollar month, right? And in literally one month we did a million dollars. Okay. Now in February of 2020, we did, if memory serves about five 50 550,000, now you might think, wait a minute, Dan, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.

You did a million dollars in a month in February of 2019. When you were doing low ticket, you did pretty much half that in February, 2020 high ticket. Why do like high ticket? Why should I sell high ticket? Well, I'm going to show you all right, dude, don't pay attention to this number. This number is gross. Okay. It is the gross sales, but what you're about to see in a minute is going to turn your whole world upside down. So I had the amount of support tickets I had in February, 2019 was crazy. I believe it was, it was, it was a lot, it was like 1900 or something like that. I did a video actually on this and I, I had all the data in front of me and I had the exact amount of support tickets, but it was, it was a lot and it was just a ton.

And the, we had a about I think it was a 12% refund rate. Okay. Because when you sell a low ticket and you have a lot of customers, it's hard to get back to them super, super quick. So people get antsy. People don't know where their password is, or they think you're not responding to them. And they asked for a refund. We also had a 3% chargeback rate. Now 3% charge back is terrible. It should be under 1%, 3% is really bad. And again, it's because the people that were reaching out for refunds, we had so many, so much stuff going on because we had so many customers. We couldn't get back to people that quickly. And as a result, people would file charge backs or whatever. And because everything was automated, everything was 100% automated. There was no personal touch and just all this stuff.

Plus we had a ton of piracy, right? We had a bunch of piracy where people would buy the course for a low ticket price and they'd try to sell it for 50 bucks online or in Facebook groups or on websites. It was just a nightmare. I was stressed out and you might say, well, Daniel hit a million dollar a month. Well, yeah, but what does that do for me? That makes my ego feel great. But that's it. Now you switched to February of 2020 when we decided to sell high ticket. And the reason we decided to sell high ticket was because I was at an event and a buddy of mine, Alex Harmoni, who has a eight figure business called gym launch. He helps gym owners grow their business. This dude does like millions of dollars a month, multiple millions of dollars a month.

And I asked him, I said, Hey man, you gotta, you know, cause at the time I had one of the top selling Facebook ads courses on the market and I said to them, I said, Hey, what's your row ass. And ROAS means return on ad spend. So if you spent a dollar in ads, how much do you get back? And he's like, Oh, it's like, you know, like 16 to 25 X, depending I'm like 16 to 25 X. I'm like, you must be an ad Ninja. And he goes, no, I don't really know how to run ads. And I go, Whoa. I said, my return at the absolute best is like five to 10 X. And that's really good. But at scale it's more like three X. I said, how are you doing this? I said, I'm one of the best Facebook ads guys out here.

You say, you barely know how to run Facebook ads. How are you killing me? What are you doing? He's like, dude, he's like, I don't need to know how to run Facebook ads. I'm like, what are you talking about? And he leans over and goes, Dan, my cheapest product is $16,000. I don't, I don't care what my lead cost is. It's negligible. It's irrelevant. Whether I pay $5 for a lead or $10 for a lead or even $15 for lead, it doesn't matter. My cheapest product is $16,000. It is a pittance. I won't even notice it on my P and L and I just, my mind became blown and I was like, Whoa, wait a second. I was, I, it was so hard to wrap my mind around it. But when I finally wrapped my mind around it, I realized that we're sitting here trying to build businesses.

And if you, if your whole business hinges on whether there are people that sell low ticket, that a $5 lead means you are, you are wealthy. You are you're financially skew secure, but a $10 lead means you are going to go bankrupt. It shouldn't be like that. It just shouldn't, it shouldn't be such a tiny margin of error. And so we decided to level up, create a better product, a better experience for our customers sell high ticket. In February of 2020, we had $550,000 in sales. We had 423 compared to 1900. So 1900 sport tickets, 423, 400 of these were left over from the low ticket. Only about 23 were as a result of the high ticket. It was just simple stuff. Like I need to reset my password or whatever, you know, just, or I need to update my credit card, whatever it is.

And so on top of that, we had a 0% refund rate and we had a 0% charge back and we had zero piracy. Now why is that? I'll tell you why. It's because when people, when we sell high ticket, we sell it over the phone. We get people to book a call and we sell it over the phone. They get an hour of our time with real human being. They become comfortable. There's rapport built. They get all their logins, everything, most people refund or charge back cause they don't get their logins. They don't get access. They get it all on the call. They're onboarded on the call. And when people get on the call, they sign a contract. They, their IP addresses recorded and they don't, they don't pirate the course cowards pirate courses, cowards do not get on phone calls, sign legal, binding contracts, and have phone conversations.

They just don't do it. And, and plus, because our product was better, even though it was at a much higher price because we're able to provide a better service. And we were able to pick and choose what clients we wanted to work with 0%. So I eliminated a ton of, of need for employees. I used to have one to two, sometimes three employees per department. Now I have one employee that runs three departments. Cause there's just not much there to deep. In fact, Brandon who is recording this video right now is my video guy and head of customer support. And why Brandon, because how much of this stuff do we have to deal with compared to in 2019, it was a mess. It was a mess. Now it's like, you know, here, there, it's not enough for one human being to cover. It's like, now here's the thing. You're like, all right, this is great, Dan, this is great. You know, less work, less BS, but what about the money? Well, guess what guys, We had 30% more

Profit. We had 30% more profit with this number than we did with this number. And at the end of the day, what does it matter? It matters what you take home. Now, what you brag about, what you take home. We used to spend literally 400 to $500,000 just on ads. That's not software, that's not employees just on abs to make a million. Now I'll spend 30 to 40 grand on ads to make five 50. Why? Because it's high ticket. And because we don't ask people to book a call or a T to buy an, an order page, we ask them to book a call now real quick, before we end this video, I'm going to show you what it looks like low ticket looks like this you'll have an ad. And usually you'll go to something like a webinar or maybe a free book or a free report or whatever.

I prefer a webinar or, or, or if, if you, if you can, a free plus shipping book, but really they're the same thing. It's just, you know, some sort of core content, usually 99% of the time, it's a webinar webinars work. Great. Okay. That's what I've used to make over at this point now $15 million. And I know that number keeps changing every time I do these videos it's because on Friday I did a two day event. I pitched in on Friday. I did $900,000 in one day. We actually did over a million, but I didn't approve everybody. And so it's just nuts. So the number just keeps growing, but low ticket is add webinar to order page, right? So just imagine this, here's your order page. Here's your webinar. Here's your ad. Now there's like now in order to get people to buy this low ticket thing, you got to do some sort of like, you know, deadline, funnel, countdown thing.

And there's, you know, all these pages and there's FAQ and there's emails. And there's like a countdown timer when it hits zero and just all this madness, all to get to a little bit of money. And if somebody doesn't buy within the countdown timer, then you gotta be like, Oh, well the course is opening back up in a month or it's opening, it's closed. And I'll let you know when it opens back up and just, you know, all this craziness to make a little bit of money. Whereas with high ticket, it's add or whatever, you know, you can do organic to, to the webinar.

And all we're asking, we're not asking them to go and buy and all of this, we don't even have any of these pages. We just have a call, book, a call. They watch the webinar, or they see an ad. They watched the webinar. We ask them to book a call. They get on the call. We talk to them and we make a sale. And when we make a sale, it's this much opposed to this much. And the funnel, the emails, the tech is infinitely simpler in this method than in this method. Less maintenance, less BS. I mean, guys, you can literally, you don't even need to do this. You can literally right now record a video. If it's a good video, throw it up and say, go here. Book a call, book, a call Calendly, get on the phone, sell duck. And you could sell 3000, 5,000, 10,000 coaching courses, whatever.

Boom. And you're good to go. Whereas it'll take you weeks to set this up. Not that I made $8 million with this process. Don't get me wrong. This makes money, but this makes money. All right. So if you want to make it rain, you want to do this? If you don't and here's I understand the objection, Dan, I don't want to do sales. I don't want to get on the phone. Well, listen, this isn't for everybody. You can have a minion mindset or you can have a millionaire mindset. A minion mindset is I don't want to get good at sales. A millionaire mindset is well, sales kind of sucks, but I'm going to get good at it. And here's the other thing. Do you like to deal with refunds? Of course not. Do you like to deal with chargebacks? Of course not. Do you like to deal with 1900 support tickets?

Of course not. Do you like to deal with piracy? Of course not. Do you like to deal with low quality customers? Of course not. So your tray, but do you like to do sales on the phone? No, of course not. So here's the thing you're trading. One thing you don't want to do for five things you don't want to do, you don't want to do piracy. You don't want to deal with piracy. You don't wanna deal with chargebacks. You don't want a refund. You don't wanna deal with low quality customers and you don't want to deal with a ton of support tickets, but you also don't want to deal with sales. Would you trade one thing you don't want to do to get rid of five things you don't want to do? That is the question I have for you. So in summary, high ticket is better.

You can provide a better service. You can, you can afford to provide a better service. Your company runs smoother, simpler. Look, you can sell. If you want to make a million dollars, right? You can sell. It goes up like imagine how many things you'd have to sell at $5 versus $10 versus a thousand versus 10,000. All right? And as you raise price, the amount of sales you need to make, gets lower and lower and lower and life gets easier and easier and easier. So that right there is an overview of not just how to sell high ticket, but why. And of course you'll need to get good at closing over the phone and good at webinars and good at all the pieces. And if you want to get good at them, that you want to grab a copy of my book to get you started. It's called digital millionaire secrets. How I built an eight figure business, selling my knowledge online. I will leave a description. I'll leave a link in the description. You can get the book for free, just pay for shipping. And of course do not forget to subscribe because I got more fire videos coming out. See you all in the next one.