How to Get Better On Video Extremely Fast

Written By Dan Henry

Whether it's on a sales page, Facebook live, or an ad video isn’t a trend. Cisco predicts it will be 82% of Internet traffic by 2021. What does that mean for business? Doing video well is worth your effort.

In fact being able to perform on video is the #1 thing that helped me build a multi million dollar business in a short period of time.

There's too many people telling you there's a template, a script, a magic button, all gonna make everything better.

Here's why I disagree:

At an audition if you hand 100 people a script, they all read the same lines but only ONE gets the part. That person gets the part because they PERFORMED the best.

Even though I went to art school I was NOT great a video when I started. I had no problem talking to people in person but when I got on camera I was uncomfortable…and it SHOWED.

I knew that to reach more people and grow my business I had to improve.

What Makes a Good Video Performance?

A good performance shows emotion. A great example of performance for marketing purposes is infomercials. The host of an infomercial is so excited about the product that the audience becomes enthusiastic too. The most important part is the result: an engaged audience BUYS.

Looking at a good presenter you’ll notice that they use the correct inflection and cadence for their goal.

Inflection= The change in pitch or tone usually toward the end of a phrase to demonstrate that it’s a question.

Cadence= The rhythm of speech. The goal is to keep a natural rhythm so that you avoid talking too fast (a sign of nervousness) or too slow (a sign of being underwhelmed)

Besides watching (and learning) from infomercials there were other steps that helped me improve my performance.

Ready to Improve Your Performance?

  1. Find an actor that performs exaggerated characters, an over the top performer like Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler.
  2. Choose a line from one of their movies.
  3. Practice the line until you can make your friends laugh

I practiced the same line from The Mask over and over again. I knew that even though the first time was HORRIBLE, I’d get better. Then if I could make people laugh getting on Facebook Live would be EASY.

I was right. I eventually made people laugh then became great at selling to people over video.

The truth is if you want to succeed in this business you have to perform. You have to show up, get on stage, and perform. You have to practice and get good.

Practice and get good at your craft.

This is ESPECIALLY true if you want to have a 7 figure business. For a six figure business you can pick a good template and get by.

To go from 6 to 7 figures you have to get better at the art of performance.