How to Develop Focus in 30 Seconds

Written By Dan Henry

“What if my client doesn't want to give anything away for free?” This is a question I get all the time from my students.

We all know that these offers work well but if your client won't let you run it you have two choices; walk away from the client or try to get results with an offer that you know won't work. If you don't deliver good results your client won't be happy and may even fire you.

The solution is here in an interview I did with Tony Campanella. Tony is one of my students inside 30 Day Agency who was able to create $2,241 in sales with less than $500 ad spend.

Want to get your clients excited about the power of free? Check out this video!

Here is what is covered…

  • The winning offer & complete ad campaign breakdown that you can learn from.
  • Why free offers convert & how to use them.
  • How to present the benefits of a free offer to clients.
  • A real world example of free offers that you can use in client conversations.

Do you think free offers are a great way to get more clients? Let me know in the comments!


Hey, what's up guys? Dan Henry here and I am about to show you an interview that I just had from Tony Campanella. Tony is one of our 30 day agency students and he's also in our 10K Club Coaching program and he just got some amazing results for a personal trainer on very little ad spend and I'm about to show the interview so you can see the exact offer he ran and how he did it. 

Hey everybody. Dan Henry here and I am excited because I'm about to talk to Tony Campanella who was able to land nine high end personal training clients for a personal trainer on less than $500 in ad spend at how he did it is incredibly shocking. Honestly. It's, it's nuts how he did it. So Tony, how you doing man? How's it going? How you doing, Ben? Great to be here rather. Cool. Cool. Cool. So listen, um, you, you, you had a crazy offer for this, right? You put together a crazy offer for this. You have a personal trainer that you were able to get a nine clients for that are paying. How much per month? That's $249 per month. Two hundred $49 per month. Forty nine clients now. Whoa. So you're running facebook ads for your advertising client. What was the offer? So the offer was two free personal training sessions two free. 

Okay. Hold on a second. Hold on. You're telling me that the offer was two, not one but two totally free. No obligation. Personal training sessions. They didn't have to buy nothing. It was just hey, free. Right. And if they wanted to sign up and have more at the end they could. Right? Right. So how many leads did you get? So we got 47 leads. Okay. And how many people actually came into claim the free personal training sessions? Yeah. So out of those 47 leads, 14 people walked in the doors and went in for these training sessions. And out of those 14 people that came in and got the free training, how many upgraded and bought the $249 a month package. None of them bought 99 out of 14. Now, if that is not a testament to the power of free, I don't know what is. 

Now listen, there are, there are local business owners out there who would probably, if you said, let's give this away for free or that waiver, they'd probably have an aneurysm overthinking, like that's a terrible idea, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But the bottom line is the results speak for themselves and you gave away to no obligation. Free personal training sessions. And let's, let's talk numbers here for a second. So you spent, you spent less than $500 in adspend, correct? Right. Yep. Less than 500. Okay. So you spent less than $500 a month for getting month, two month, three month, four month 11, month 12. Forgetting that for a moment. How much money did you make for the person? Just month one. So nine people at 2:49, whatever that would. You'd probably get a calculator there. Well what is that for the first month? What did you get it? 

And so, so that's 2000. Two hundred and $41. So $2,241 off of less than $500 in ad spend. Even if everybody only stays on a month, that's still an incredible Roi. But what happens if they stay on for say a year? So for 12 months I just plugged that in. So that's $26,892 off, less than $500 in ad spend. That's crazy. And that's just, that's just what you got you, you just started that campaign. That is crazy. Tony. I think you're going to A. I think you're going to make a lot of money in this business. I think you're gonna make a lot of money for your clients in this business, especially personal trainers. So that is awesome. Let me ask you this. I think there's a burning question everyone wants to know right now that's watching this. How did you convince your personal trainer to offer to free personal training sessions? How did you do that? I, well actually it was straight from. 

I follow totally straight from one of your lessons. You know, and it was basically just going down and explaining and just doing the math kind of like we did here, but just doing the math and saying, hey, you know, if, if you can talk to x amount of people leads and then x amount of people come in and then x amount of people buy, 

You know, what are you going to make? And we kind of just did some math and projected and then just said, does it make sense to try this offer out, right example and see how much you can make from it. And they said yes. And he said yes, I bet he's pretty happy with the results now. Right. And now he's stoked. Now he's so happy now. That is awesome. That is awesome. Killer, killer, killer. So awesome man. I'm so happy to hear about your success with this. I know you're going to be massively successful when you were on the a 10 K club coaching call and when you set it to me, I was like, you did what? And I just thought because most people would think, oh, one one personal training session is, is too much you gotta give him to like, that's crazy, but amazing ROI. 

Absolutely amazing. I just hope that this inspires people to not be so cynical about giving things away for free to get people in the door because it does work. And again, it's, I mean, if you think about it, think of multibillion dollar companies like Sam's Club and Costco, they, they hire, you know, little old ladies to sit out every single weekend and give away free samples. And why do they do that? They do that because yes, some people will take those free samples and not buy anything, but some people will buy enough people to make it super profitable. Otherwise they wouldn't constantly do it over and over again single weekend. So, you know, when I go to Sam's club and I don't see anybody giving away a free food, then I'll worry about it, free offers, uh, so far. So that's amazing, man. Thank you for coming on and sharing. I look forward to hearing more about your success, man. Rock on, brother. That's awesome. Thanks Dan.