Free Masterclass: Fix A Course That Isn't Selling

Written By Dan Henry

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Your Course Isn't Selling...Let Me Fix That For You

Are you having trouble selling your course?

Before I became successful, I remember the countless hours I spent building slides, recording videos, building funnels, writing emails, and running ads...

...and after all this hard work, it would only result in NO ONE buying my course! 

Imagine working on something so hard, becoming emotionally attached and committed to something to see it completely fail...

Thanks to my 'failures', I was able to learn how to systematically improve how I created digital products that would sell every single time!

In today's Masterclass, I will be sharing with you three secrets that are killing your sales...

Here's What I'll Be Sharing With You:

  • How To Fix Your Messaging Dynamics
  • Why Tech Kills Conversions
  • How To Create a Battle-Tested Offer


Hey everybody, welcome to this masterclass on how to fix a course that's not selling. So you're likely to watching this right now because you have a course and for some reason it's just not selling. And so I am here to help you today. Now if you take a look at my computer, you'll see that we have done over 8.3 $2 million on Stripe. This is Stripe. Uh, we have done another two and a half, 3 million on PayPal cause we do take a lot of PayPal and we use PayPal credit to fund programs and stuff like that. So it's over 10 minutes, eight, eight figures in online courses. By the way, I know most of the time when somebody does one of these presentations and stuff, they spend a good 10 or 15 minutes showing you testimonials from their existing clients. And while I have tons of testimonials, I'm not going to waste time with that on this video.


But below this video you will see tons of testimonials from our clients. So I'll, I'll let you look at those testimonials at your leisure. But for the purposes of this video, we're just going to go ahead and get right to it. So the three things I'm going to cover today are why messaging kills conversion, uh, namely the wrong messaging. Okay. And then what I'm going to do is talk about how tech loses sales. A lot of people try to overcomplicate tech and it causes them to lose sales. So I'm going to talk about the solutions to that. And then finally, the third thing I'm going to talk about is, uh, how to know if your offer was properly vetted. And if it wasn't, how to do that because these are the top three things. It's either going to be messaging tech or the offer and or combination of all three.


All right, so with that said, let's get started. So with messaging, the problem is there's a lot of people will perhaps sell their course a little bit. Like a few people will tell them how much they love it. Um, they may even sell a few copies here and there. Maybe they just messaged some people, maybe they have some people following them, but when they go to actually do a launch or run Facebook ads or uh, you know, try to buy Instagram promotions or whatever method, build a list, whatever it is, for some reason it's just not converting. People just are buying. Or maybe it seems like now as you branch out, people don't care. And that is usually because the messaging is not on point. And so I'm going to show you how you can test your messaging. All right, so this right here is called an RMS, an R, M S.


and that stands for refined marketing statement. And what this means is this gives you ultimate clarity in your offer because if your offer is not clear to your customers, they're not going to buy. All right? And so this is how you can test the RMS. Simply this I help blank get blank without blank by blank. Okay? Now this might seem like a lot of blanks, but let me go ahead and walk you through this. So this is, I help market or audience get the thing they want, desire without the thing they think they need the roadblock or the thing that causes them pain by my vehicle. Okay. So I help market get desire without pain by method. So how this might work for a speaking business is, you know, let's say you owned a, a a company or you had an idea for an online course where you were going to teach speakers how to make more money by doing corporate events that pay a large amount, right?


And instead of taking big stages that either don't pay at all because they think that it's good enough just to speak on the stage to get exposure or they pay very little, right? And so most speakers are trying to land these big stages and you want to show them, you want to teach them that you can get paid five, 10, 15, $20,000 per gig training employees at corporate events, and that these corporate events, uh, you know, have, um, have, uh, budgets that they must spend on these trainings every year, right? So you map this out. And in RMS, I help speakers double their speaking fees or build a profitable speaking business without competing for large stages that barely pay by focusing on niche corporate events. Okay? That would be your refined marketing statement. And the way you can test this as imagine you're at the dinner table with a new boyfriend or girlfriend and you, you know, the father leans over and he says, uh, what do you do if you can't answer what you do or what you sell in one sentence, one refined marketing statement, then I'm sorry, but your business is broken.


You barely know what you sell, let alone. How can you expect your customer to know what you sell? Okay? So you must complete this sentence. Now, once you've completed this sentence, you now have clarity into what your offer is going to be. Next, you need to take this particular sentence and you need to turn it into an actual marketing plan. And this one I learned from Russell Brunson, it's called the big domino. And this is an expansion of the RMS that allows you to map out how you're going to do your email copy, your webinar, copy, your ad copy, every form of marketing for your business. As long as you stick to this framework, it will convert. It will work. So this is called the big dominant. And how this works is, um, if I can make blank believe that blank is the only way to get blank.


And the only way to do that, sorry, do that is blank then. Oh, objections are irrelevant and they must and they must invest. Now what this means, they must invest. Now what this means is you must sell two things at once in a very certain order and you might go, what do you mean to sell two things at once? So you must sell them on the path, they must believe in the path and then you sell them on the program that allows them to execute. Okay? So if I can make speakers believe that niche corporate events is the only way to grow, to quickly grow a profitable speaking business, the only way to do that is my niche speaking profits program, whatever. Then all objections become irrelevant and they must invest. And what this means is you cannot pitch them or sell them your program on, on, on high ticket niche corporate events until you first convince them that that's the way to go.


That niche corporate events, uh, are the way to make more money as a speaker because until they believe that until they go, Oh wow, that's, that's, that's it. They have no interest in your program. Okay? And so you must first focus everything on getting them to believe that path is the way to go. And then only once they've, they've, you fully focused on that and you've done that, then you try to sell them the program that allows them to execute on that path. Okay. So as far as this first secret messaging kills conversions. If your course, your digital product business does not fit in this framework or when trying to use this framework, you're confused, you're not sure how to fit it all, how to make it work. That is a huge issue of why your program is not converting. This is something that we help people with every day in my sold out courses program, we help them come up with a proper RMS.


We help them come up with a proper big domino statement, and then we help them put into practice the marketing and the promotion and, and the part of the business of building that business to execute on all of this. But until this is solid, it's not going to work. People. All right, you can put fancy, you know, paint on a house, great chandelier's nice floors, beautiful roof. But if you don't, if you didn't build the foundation right, the house is going to collapse no matter how nice the interior is. All right? So that right there is the first secret mess messaging kills conversion. So now what we're going to do is we're going to move on to the next thing.


And that is tech loses sales. My whiteboard is going to be terribly dirty by the end of this. Okay, so tech loses sales. That is the second secret. So what does this mean? So most of the time people try to course creators and experts, they try to overdo it with check and they work themselves into either a situation where they have too much going on to ever get anything done or something so complicated that it doesn't work. So let me give you an example of how we delete how we, how we changed the way we looked at tech and it actually doubled our conversions. We had a 6% conversion rate with a webinar. We took that same video file, that same webinar, we put it into a new, uh, a version of our funnel and it went from 6% to 11%, nearly doubled. Right? So let me show you what that looks like.


So we used to use ever webinar. And how that worked is there would be a landing page. Okay. There would be a landing page. So I'll just put landing page then, and that would be on a, you know, like ever webinar or click funnels page with ever webinar. That then went to a, uh, a confirmation page. So confirm, right? Then they had to click this little button over here that was not very, not, not really very apparent, and that would take them to a countdown page, count down, then this page would count down at their specific time. And keep in mind on this landing page, they're choosing between multiple times to attend the webinar and all this. And this is what's normally called as an auto webinar, evergreen webinar. So after the countdown, then they would be redirected to the live webinar room. And on this live webinar room, there'd be a chat, there'd be all these fake scarcity or scarcity, whatever, however you say it, features, right?


Like, you know, countdowns and P, Oh, this person just bought and just all these bells and whistles. All right. And then you would direct them, um, off of this page and you would take them to an order page. So that is what we were doing and we, we did about, um, $3 million through this method in sales for one product. We did another more, you know, with different products. I'm just, I'm just talking about one product that we can compare apples to apples. Okay. And we tried this with two separate products and, and saw certain numbers, let's say. Um, uh, you know, I won't go into the specifics of each product as we'll be here forever. But bottom line is we had this same method going for two products. One was for an automatic webinar where you just went to an order page and then the other one was a page where they would book a call and then they would get on the phone.


Very, very similar funnels. But the point is this was the process using ever webinar as an auto webinar, evergreen webinar process. So what we did is we thought about it and we thought about all the problems with this and we found that people would not know to click this button. They'd get confused between the, the countdown page. They'd go on the live and half the time, depending on their browser, they wouldn't be able to see it because there was so many bells and whistles and features that ever webinar was putting into their software that it didn't work on half the machines because they just couldn't take it. And so what ended up happening is a lot of people did not see the webinar and our conversion was, you know, here. So what we did then was we decided that we need to get rid of all of this.


We need to make this much, much simpler. And this is what we did. We took a landing page like this, we, you opt in, there is no time to select you just an on demand webinar. This is not an auto webinar. It's not an evergreen member, it's an on demand webinar. Okay? And so we took this landing page and we immediately went to the webinar and then from there to the order page and ladies and gentlemen, that's it. Very, very, very simple. No EverWebinar's, no software. This was just a video on a page. And then it took them here. And we did it again. Okay.


Webinar landing page call. And what we noticed is by T even though even though this, this video here did not have stuff popping up all around it, chats, fake people buy and stuff even though, and I never liked that, I never liked the idea of selling to someone, you know, and then having like chats and you know, and we actually disabled the chat a while ago cause it just, it felt achy and I don't, I just don't think that's a way to sell. And instead in this new funnel, this on demand funnel, we just gave people what they wanted. They want to watch the webinar. Okay. They want the information and if the information, and my theory was if the information is good then that's, that'll be enough. And sure enough this doubled our conversion, nearly doubled our conversions. And yes, we sh we took certain, um, you know, certain things, certain features out and, and whatnot that we sound nice.


Sounded like they would increase conversion, but they just didn't. Just giving people good information because we focused on the proper messaging, giving people what they want quickly and without a lot of friction and had it be good information is much better than okay information with all these bells and whistles. Okay, but this was the same webinar and it doubled our conversion. Now what we also did was we adjusted this to where we based our email sequences on watch time. So if you only attended the webinar for five minutes or less, you were considered missed webinar and so you'd get a string of emails saying, Hey, you missed the webinar. Go watch it again. Okay, boom. Now, if you watched the webinar past five minutes but you didn't get to the part where we made the pitch, you'd get a different email sequence that says, Hey, you left early. Go watch it again.


If you did see the pitch, but you have yet to buy, then you get another email sequence that says, Hey, I noticed you saw my webinar and here's more reasons to buy. Boom. So we got the vast majority of the benefit of the, of the contingency based marketing, you know, and the email sequencing and segmentation that we got with, with ever webinar. But we simplified it and made it simple. Now, if this interests you, if this interests you to take, either take your existing webinar you have on a complicated system or build it right the first time and just, you know, not have to deal with all of this crazy tech up here doing this cause trust me, this is way more complicated and way more expensive than just, you know, the three page process that is this. Okay? If you're interested in that, my office can explain to you how it works.


We actually do this for people in our sold-out courses P program. We give this funnel away with instructions on how to set it up in just a few minutes. You just plug in your webinar and this will all work and it will simplify everything for you. And you know, most people would charge probably three times the amount that we charge, uh, to be in the program. And this is just one bonus you get for being in our program. So if you're interested in this, you can always talk to my office. Um, I'll tell you about that at the end of this presentation, how you can talk to my office and see if we're a good fit to help you fix your course, uh, and, and, and get this funnel up and running for you so that you can start making sales. Okay. We'll show you how that works. And if you're in, if you want to become a part of it and you want to use this method and you're interested, you can, you can have a chat with my office about it and we'll see if it's a, if this work for you, I'll tell you about that at the end of this, this video. So that's the second thing. Okay.


Finally we have, the third thing I've noticed most people have an issue with that is that the offer was not vetted. What this means is that people aren't sure people try to sell courses and programs and they set up all this stuff, but they aren't really sure if it's going to sell or they think it's going to sell, but then when they go to do this, it doesn't. All right, so I'm going to teach you a secret net right now called the whiteboard webinar and that whiteboard webinar is my personal secret to vetting offers to make sure they're going to sell. So let's say that you don't have any money for anything, right? Let's just pretend for a moment that you couldn't buy any landing page software. You couldn't buying any email software, you couldn't, you couldn't do anything, right? Can you still sell an online course?


Yes, you can. In fact, think about this. They say that half asking something will never get you anywhere. But I believe that half-ass thing, something will get you everywhere. And here's why. If you can sell a program in its most raw form just based on the offer itself, not based on fancy marketing, fancy sales talk features, but just on the offer, you know, I help this market get this and this is how I do it. And just that offer alone should be enough to sell, to get at least a few people to buy. And so we do this thing called a whiteboard webinar. What we do is we just build a little audience on Facebook, usually in like a Facebook group. There's other ways to do it too. You could do it on a YouTube channel. You could, the point is, this is just one example.


You build a Facebook group, right? And you can do this, um, pretty quickly. And what you then do is you go live, you do a live in your group and you do a version of your webinar that sells your product on a whiteboard. Just, just kind of like I am doing right now. And you don't get slides, you don't get pictures, you don't get anything fancy. All you have is your messaging because that's it. You'll have a marker. You have a board, you have your mouth. So if somebody buys, they're buying on your messaging and your offer alone, they're not buying because of the countdown timer or because of something fancy or anything they're buying on the raw most [inaudible] refined form of your product and then you just send them to a, I mean if you do have like, like a landing page software, you can send them to a very simple order page or you could literally just send them to a Stripe order page, which is free to make.


Or heck, you could even say Venmo me. All right. And the thing is is if you can get even a small amount of people to using this half-ass method where you're like not using any fancy software or anything like that, you imagine how many people will buy when you do use an actual slides with the pictures and you can actually like really like sit down and craft it all out and refine it and make it nice looking and all that. That's the thing. All right. Why do you think cars, when they test them, they don't paint them and put leather seats in them. They have prototypes because there's no point in putting fancy paint and fancy leather in a car that they're not even sure if it runs yet. So that's the thing. If you can sell your offer in its most raw form on a whiteboard, then your offer will sell and will scale when you actually send cold traffic from Facebook ads, YouTube ads, all that stuff to it, especially when you have it in actual slides on an actual landing page.


Okay. I remember one time a of some friends of mine came over, uh, who are now my clients. Um, Chris and Todd, uh, uh, Todd [inaudible], Todd Snively and his partner Chris, they sell an eCom course and they came over and they said, Dan, we would love to do a JV with you. And I said, well, what does your audience need? And he told me their need. And I said, why don't we do it right now? And so I got up and in the course of 10 minutes, I quickly threw together a very simple order page. Uh, I wrote down three secrets on a napkin and I said, tell your group that in 15 minutes we're going to go live and we're going to teach them how to do X. So we did. And they literally held up their phone. I don't have a phone here. Pretend this is a phone held up.


Their phone showed me on a whiteboard and I just taught on the whiteboard and it was a 25 minute webinar on a whiteboard. We did $20,000 in sales. Now why did that work? It worked because the messaging and the offer was good. And this is, I work with people, I've worked with hundreds of course creators on their offers and their messaging and I've had several, obviously million-dollar products myself. So I personally am able to come up with offers and messaging pretty quick just cause I've been doing it for a long time. But the point is, even even though I'm, I'm good at that, that was all I had. All I had was the messaging and the offer. I didn't have slides, didn't have webinar software. And that's when I realized that the real secret to vetting an offer is to sell it half-assed in its most raw form.


Because if it sells even a little bit there, it's going to sell great when you actually put effort to it. And on top of that, it literally requires almost no preparation to do a whiteboard webinar. And so what would you rather fail at? Would you rather fail at something that you spent half a day preparing or something that you spent six months and thousands of dollars preparing and then it just crashed and burned and you don't know why? Right? So it's very, very important that if you haven't vetted your offer yet properly, you do it and you do it with a whiteboard webinar. And that's something, again, we help, uh, clients and our sold-out courses program do each and every day. Um, in fact, uh, I remember one of my clients, Arnie, uh, he did a white board webinar and his whiteboard, the camera that was on his whiteboard, uh, something was wrong with it and you couldn't see anything he was writing because he had his lighting all messed up.


So he literally didn't even have the whiteboard. He only had himself on camera on a webcam. He did $6,000 in sales. Six grand. Imagine if you could do six grand in sales without building a freaking landing page. It'd be amazing. So listen, if you enjoyed these three secrets, if you enjoyed this presentation right here, and you're wondering like, man, you know, I bet Dan can help me if you think that maybe my company can help you, whether that's getting your messaging right, whether that's helping you implement a simpler system for selling your courses, your digital products on autopilot, or whether that's helping you vet your offer and everything else above and in between. Facebook ads, YouTube ads, live webinars, automatic webinars, um, your email list, whatever it is. These are things that we teach and help our clients with everyday in the sold out courses program.


And so what I like to do is I'd all, I'd like to offer you a free 45 minute strategy session where we're going to do two things. Number one, we're going to jump on the phone with you and we're going to identify, we're going to, we're going to ask you some questions and try to identify which of these problems you have or maybe it's another problem not listed here and we're going to bring it out in the open and figure out what it is that's holding you back. And then we're going to map out a plan of action and show you how we can help you take it to the next level. And if it makes sense to you and you like what we have to offer, then you can choose at that time to become a part of it or not. The choice is up to you.


Uh, with that said, we do have limited spots available because I know this office looks nice, but it's not very big. I like to keep things small and I only have a few people available to take calls in my office. So we do run out of these slots, uh, pretty, pretty quick. Okay. That said, you can click the link or button below and you can schedule your time, answer a few questions in a little application we have just so we have some more information about your business. And then on the next page, you choose a time to talk to us. Please just make sure that you show up on time and give us your undivided attention because we're going to be giving you your, uh, our undivided attention to figure out where the problem is and how we could fix it. All right. I can't wait to speak to you. I look forward to talking to you, um, and hopefully seeing you on our sold out courses coaching call so I can help you, uh, replicate the success that we've had in our clients have had. So talk to you soon. Have a great day.