Free Masterclass: Find Your Winning Course Idea

Written By Dan Henry

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What If I pointed you towards a winning course idea?

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Guess what?

You already HAVE the 'Winning' course idea!

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But after today's masterclass 'How To Find Your Winning Course Idea,' You will have everything you need to walk away with confidence and passion for starting your education business!


Here's what is covered in today's Masterclass:

  • How To Extract Your Winning Idea
  • How To Battle Test Your Idea In Your Market
  • How To Sell Your Idea Like Crazy


Hey everybody, welcome to this masterclass on how to find your winning online course idea. My name is Dan Henry and I am going to show you the things I have learned from creating online courses that have sold over $10 million for my company alone. Now before you wonder if that's true or not, this right here is my Stripe account and as you can see, we've done over 8.3, 2 million, 14,000 customers. Um, that's just Stripe. We've also done about two and a half million on PayPal cause we do accept PayPal overall all things considered eight figures in online course sales. The reason I'm telling you that is because I want you to know that the advice I'm about to give you is could advice. It's not to brag, it's just to tell you that this is good advice. You take it seriously because we've used this, these same methods to create winning products, um, to sell online.


Now, most of the time in presentations like this, the person that's that's, you know, presenting will be like, Oh, look at all my clients' success stories and testimonials and well, we have tons of testimonials and client success stories. I'm not going to waste time in this video showing them to you. So I've left them below this video where you can just scroll down and check them out at your leisure. Uh, but as far as this video goes, let's get right to the content. So, uh, the three things I'm going to show you today are number one, how to find your winning online course idea. Then I'm going to show you how to test your idea to make sure that it will sell. And then I'm going to show you how to actually sell it to where it sells every day on autopilot. Okay? So let's jump in.


So this is probably the one that requires the most explanation is how to find your idea. So here's the thing. The secret here is to understand that you don't need this huge elaborate idea or you don't need to be the best in the world. At what you do. It could be something as simple as how to use Excel or how to jump rope. In fact, there is a guy that's made over $1 million selling an online course on how to use Excel. There's another group of brothers called the jump rope guys that have made millions selling how to jump rope, how to lose weight through to jump rope routines. Okay, so first of all, if you think your idea is to entry level or silly or whatever, unless it's something like how to hop on the moon with one foot, it's probably not that terrible of a course idea.


Okay. So how you have to really look at this is what have you done in your life that other people would love to know how to do as well. How you know, how can you help them even if it's entry level, how can you help them do that? Would you be able to explain to them how to do it? I'll give you, give you a perfect example. When I was in college, I went to college for audio engineering and I had just taken a few classes and I had just got done taking introduction to recording and microphones. So literally I'm brand new, but I still have learned a little bit. So one day I go over to guitar center, which was right next to the school and I like to sit there and play guitars that I could never afford to buy. Um, and I saw this guy at the counter and he was asking about which microphone should be the best, was the best microphone and do, uh, if to buy for what he wanted to do.


And I noticed the kid at the counter of the new, like nothing, right? I mean, he was giving this guy terrible advice. So I walk up to him, I was like, Hey, listen man. Um, I just took, you know, my F I just started at the college over here. I learned in about recording and I'll tell you, um, if you want to, you know, if you want to record your kick drum on your drum set, you definitely don't want this microphone. You want this one? And here's why. And I explained it to them, and this is stuff that I had learned recently in college in a very introductory course, and he was so impressed by the fact that I knew that he buys the microphone and he says, man, listen. He says, I have this software that I use to record at home to record my own songs called pro tools.


And I go, Oh yeah, pro tools. That's what they use in all the major studios. That's what we learned at the college. Well, they have a home version or a like light cheap version for people who just want to record at home. But the guy didn't know how to use it. So he says to me, he says, I don't know how to use the software if I pay you, could you come over to my house and show me? And I was like, Whoa, yeah, but why would you pay me? Like there's so many other people that are more qualified. There's professional recording artist. He's like, well, yeah, but like I don't, I don't know them. I, you know, and I don't know. You're right in front of me and you've already helped me and I trust that you know what you're doing. At least you could show me the basics, right?


I said, yeah. So we scheduled a time, we go over and I'm sure enough, I sit there for two hours, he pays me 50 bucks an hour, I make $100. And I walk out of there. And I remember that night I sat down and looking at that hundred dollar bill and I went, plus the easiest $100 I ever made. All I did was show this guy's basic stuff that I recently learned. But that's the thing, as long as you know something, even if it's a little bit that somebody else wants to know, you can charge, you can charge for that. Okay? So to give you an example of, you know, not needing to be the best in the world at something, okay? There are, you know, there are people that sell jujitsu courses, right? Uh, and I've seen them, they sell jujitsu courses. These are not people that are UFC champions.


They're just normal everyday people that train a gyms, they sell jujitsu courses. I've also seen women's self-defense courses or basic how to the, I saw this one course where this guy who isn't even a professional fighter, he's an amateur fighter. All he was doing was he was showing people how to survive an attack using this thing called the V method. I don't, I don't know what it was and then how to escape the attack. That was it. And he S and he sells tons of this, right? Like you don't have to be Tony Robbins to sell a personal development course. And to give you another example, Tony Robins is not a certified life coach. In fact, all the life coaching organizations denied him certification because he didn't want to follow their rules. And guess what? He's the highest paid life coach in the world. So if you think that you're not credible enough or whatever, that's not the case.


But when you're trying to find your idea, all you have to ask yourself is, what have I done in life? What do I know how to do that? Someone else would want to know how to do, and if you don't have anything, you can still sell digital information. I know several people who sell other people's information. For instance, Andrew Warner owns a company called Mixergy. He interviews top business people. He gets their advice, he records the interview, and then he sells access to those interviews for a feat and he makes tons of money doing that. All right, so the thing is you could actually go out and interview other experts and you could then take that collection of interviews and sell it. You don't even have to be the expert yourself. Okay. Look at the company mast up things masterclass, the you see these actors and these directors and these writers, you've seen the ads for them.


They say, Hey, I'm, I'm a, you know Julia Roberts and this is my masterclass. This company went out and literally partnered with all these actors and writers and directors and you know, and they literally had them film a class and sold it online and partner with them. Like that's the thing guys. Anybody can sell digital products and find that winning idea and we help people every single week in our sold-out courses program. Find that winning idea. Okay, I'll tell you more about that at the end of the video. Don't worry about that right now. I want to just help you right now. So after you have an idea that you think this could be an idea, well before we go and try to sell it, why don't we test it? So now we move on to the second secret. How to test your idea. So check this out.


What you must understand is that free equals sales, free equals sales. What does that mean? That means if a large amount of people will, I'm drawing like the worst stick figures right now, but if a large amount of people or even a moderate amount of people are interested in obtaining something for free, then a percentage of those people will be willing to pay for the information in greater detail. That's just how it works. Okay? So if I have a bunch of people interested in something that I give away for free, I know that a portion of those people will pay for more help and I have built a multimillion dollar business at a very high profit margin off of just 2% that's right. One to 2% of the people that watch my free videos obtain my free knowledge by fraction. Yet with that percentage, I was able to buy an 8,000 square foot house on the water in st Petersburg, Florida.


I was able to buy brand new Tesla. I was able to buy nice clothes, nice watches, good doctors for my son vacations so that I can decompress. I was able to help my parents who, you know, dealt with my crap my whole life. Growing up, I was able to give them money and help them out and just able to do whatever I want, what I want, however I want with whoever I want. Freedom. Right? I'm not saying that to gloat or brag. I'm saying that because I'm trying to illustrate the point to you that you only need a fraction, a fraction of people that obtain something for free to build highly successful, highly profitable online education business. So how do you test that? Well, I'm going to teach you a method right now called the curious expert. So all you have to do is go to your network of existing people that know you.


Maybe you have a Facebook group, maybe you just have people that know you on your profile, whatever, and you say, Hey, uh, as you guys may know I have done this or I know how to do this, or I recently learned how to do blank, whatever it is. I thought about putting together a little ebook or training video for free on how to do this. Would anyone be interested? That's it. If a bunch of people, and I don't mean a, I don't mean hundreds cause maybe you don't even have hundreds of friends on Facebook. But if more than a few people say yes, well that means that probably the larger section of the market would say yes as well. And if you have a bunch of people saying yes to that, to taking it there and they're still paying you, they're paying you in time, they're taking their time to consume what you're offering for free, that people value their time.


So if several people say yes, that means that a percentage of those people will say yes when it comes time for you to offer them premium information for a fee. So simply by doing the curious expert, you can test your idea and at least know that you're on the right track. And you know I specialize in helping people find that idea, but as well, once they do find that idea, really crafting it and molding it into an idea that will really sell at at a, at a crazy rate, which brings to the third secret, how to sell your idea. So let me go ahead and show you the system that we use to sell our idea. Okay. Now of course we must properly vet our idea. First there is a process to vetting your idea and making sure it will sell. But once that's all done, once you're like, okay, this is the course idea, right?


That this is it. This is the one, here's how we do it. We make one core piece of content and usually this is either a video sales letter or a webinar, right? And this is a core piece of content, right? I'm just going to put this video right here, right core piece of content that sells our offer and everything revolves around this. So we might have, say a landing page here. I'll just break it down our whole funnel. Let's say we do a Facebook ad, or maybe it's a YouTube video or a YouTube ad or an Instagram post, or just sharing in our Facebook group, whatever the traffic sources, it comes into the landing page. The landing page then goes to the webinar. We do not, we keep it simple. We do not have a countdown page waiting page, none of that. We go right to the webinar.


We do an on demand webinar and you know, a lot of people say, Oh, webinars don't work. Well, that's crap. I'm sorry, I don't, I'm not even going to attempt to tell a story or anything. It's just crap. I mean, numbers we do, it's all webinars. It's still webinars. I remember when I was, uh, about 22 years old, I worked for this company, uh, where I was a pitch man and I would sell pots and pans at Sam's club and Costco and we would give away a free potato peeler. We'd announce on a loudspeaker, Hey, come back in 15 minutes, we're going to do this little show. And then if you stick around until the end of the show, we'll give you a potato peeler. And they in this potato peeler costs like 2 cents to make. So they would come and I give them a 20 minute presentation on why they, why these pots, this set of pots and pan, this $300 set of pots and pans was so awesome.


And then, you know, there'd be like 20, 30 people at the, uh, at the presentation and by the end, one to three would buy. So the average of two people bought, and I got 50 bucks per sale. So every single time I did a presentation, I made 100 bucks and I would usually do about five presentations a day, so I at sometimes eight so I'd make five to $800 a day doing this. Now, of course, we only had certain days we could do it. We couldn't do it every day, so my income was limited and there was only so many people in the club, but the point is, that was a webinar. We've been doing this since the Dawn of time. What do you think an infomercial is? It's a webinar. It's all a webinar. Okay, so when people say webinar doesn't work, that means they're saying that this thing that has worked for literally hundreds of years all of a sudden doesn't work.


That's crap. Okay. It just means that they're trying to push something else or they don't know how to do it. Right. I'm sorry. That's all I, that's all I got to say about that. Anyway, this right here is our system. And then what we do is we take them to an order page or if we're selling something that's a little more expensive, a little more high ticket, um, or we were just choosing to sell over the phone, whatever, we might take them to a, uh, a book, a call page. Either way, this is a page that requires them to take another action. But this $8 million of this, cause the other, you know, out of 10, 11 million, 8 million came from this funnel. And then another two, 3 million came from a phone call funnel. Anyway, this right here is the system. Now, once they get out of this video, they either say, yes, no, maybe now you will have that, you know, one, one to 2% that right off the bat say yes and then you'll have, you know, whatever how many ever it is.


Let's say 20 to 30% that say no, but the vast majority are going to say maybe, and this is where a lot of extra profit is in because you can take this one per two to 2% and you can increase it to three to 4% or more by using the fence method. And the fence method is where we take our maybes and we visualize them as if they are a person on offense. And what we do is we simply create additional content like emails or videos and this is stuff you can do in your spare time. You can just keep adding to it. And what we do is these are additional things that handle objections and convince the customer to, you know, get off the fence. And so we keep chucking this stuff at the customer until they fall over to the side of the fence. That is yes, and that is how we built an eight figure education business.


It's super simple. Okay. But let me ask you, how do you make, how do you really find that core, that idea that you're sure is going to sell? Would it help you if somebody or a team of people who have sold millions in online courses could look at that idea and be like, yeah, that's a good idea. Or it needs, you know, and then how to test your idea. What happens if you do that test and people are interested, well now, now we have to to sell it and now we have to put all this together. And so how awesome would it be if there was someone who could not only help you put all this together but could literally hand it to you 95% complete and finished where all you got to do is plug in your videos and adjust some copy, you know, fill in the blanks and you have a system to sell your idea.


And make a highly profitable business. Turn your passion or even somebody else's passion into profit. Well if that interests you, what I'd like you to do is look below this video, you will find a link or button or whatever to book a call with my team. What I've done is I've set aside some spots this week for my team and I only have a few cause this is not as big of an office as it looks like I liked, I like a nice small office. Um, but we only have a few people available for this. We've set aside some time. You're going to click the button below, answer some questions about your idea and then on the next page pick a time to talk to my team on the call. We're going to take a look at your idea, what you've already done, what you've already tried, and then we're going to map out a plan for you to create an actual lucrative online course business.


And if you like our plan and you like how it all sounds and you feel like it could take you to the next level, we will show you what it looks like to work with us and at that point, if you want to become a part of it, great. If not, no worries. Okay, there's no pressure, but at the end of the day, you're going to get value out of this call because you're going to get a lot of clarity. You're going to get a lot of of clarity on what it is you need to do to get to the next step. Hopefully we're the one to help you. If not, that's fine, but the point is, is if, if you want to take control of your life, financial freedom, and be able to do the things in life you love, whether that be quit your job or go on a vacation every whatever it is, this is the fastest way.


Selling information online is literally the fastest way to become a millionaire. I truly believe that. I did it in five months. I went from zero to a millionaire in five months. I broke the record for the fastest person to ever win a two comma club award from click funnels, which is a popular marketing software. It's the software we're using all of this, and it's because I came up with a really great process and I found a good idea. I tested that idea and I came up with a great process to sell that idea and I refine that process and I help people each and every day do the same. Once again, you can look at some of our testimonials and success stories below and book that call. All right, we're not gonna be doing these for long's book that call. Let me see if my team can help you. Okay? I love you guys. Thank you for watching this masterclass and I can't wait to see you become successful and hopefully one day soon I get to work with you and I can be the person to help you get to that next level and you can be my next success story. All right? See you soon. Click that button.