How To Find An Online Course Idea (5 Steps)

Written By Dan Henry

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By now we’ve all seen and heard about the amazing opportunities inside of the online course market but I’ve noticed not everyone has a clear idea on what type of course to make…

Along with that, I’ve noticed people doubt themselves and feel like they have no knowledge to teach any topic for their own course…

Both of these issues are complete limiting beliefs!

With the right template and roadmap, finding your online course idea can be done in just a matter of minutes...Here’s how

In today’s training called, ‘How To Find an Online Course Idea’ I will give you exactly what you need to walk away with your golden course Idea!

What’s Covered:

-My Five-Step Process To Walk Away With Your Very Own Golden Course Idea

-How To Eliminate Ideas That Wouldn’t Work Well For You

-How To Figure Out What You Are Good At Even If You Feel Like There's Nothing


Are you trying to come up with your online course idea? By the end of this video you will learn exactly how to figure out what your online course should be about. Hi, my name is Dan Henry. I'm the founder of get and what I'm about to teach you is based off of millions of dollars in online course sales from my own course. So I'm going to be speaking from experience here and also from working with hundreds of other course creators to help them build and skill their course. So in order to figure out what online course we should create, that will be not only profitable but also ethical and also won't make us an imposter because if you haven't posture syndrome, yeah, you need to get over it, but you also need to make sure that you're not really being an impostor. Okay? And this whole process will take care of all of that. 


It'll make it profitable, ethical, and make sure you're not an imposter. So, uh, I have a list here of five lists you need to make. This is actually a worksheet that I give my clients when I help them scale on my courses. So the lists are right here and the first list is what niches are you an expert in. You want to make a list of everything you are an expert in. And when I say expert, I mean anything that you know, any sort of subject matters or industries or processes or anything that you've ever given advice on that anyone's ever asked you for advice on, anything you've ever been paid to do, anything anyone has ever offered to pay you? Any and all of the above. If you have the ability to help someone do something that they want to do, you are to a level at expert in that thing. 


Okay? Being an expert doesn't mean you have to be a multimillionaire. It doesn't mean you have to be, have rock, chiseled ABS. It doesn't mean you have to be at the top of your industry. It just means you have the ability to help someone else accomplish something that they want to accomplish because they don't know how. And you know how simple. Okay. This could be anything from making millions of dollars to jumping rope. In fact, I know somebody that makes about $50,000 a month teaching a course on how to properly jump rope. Okay, so first you make this huge list, right? Then the next one is, and keep in mind each one of these lists is based off the previous list. So you want to make sure you list out everything you possibly can in this first one, because we're going to narrow this down as we go through the list. 


So the next one is the equipped list. It's of everything listed here. What of these niches, neat niches, are you most equipped to help people? So a lot of times people want to create a course on what they're passionate about and that's great, but sometimes that's not the most ethical thing to do. For instance, I'm very passionate about Jujitsu. I love Jujitsu way more than I love marketing. However, I'm only a blue belt in Jujitsu. So for me to create a Jujitsu course would not serve people anywhere near as well as me creating a marketing course because I've made over $10 million in marketing. So even though I'm more passionate about Jujitsu, of those two things, the marketing would take precedence because I have more results in that. I'm more equipped to help people even though I'm not quite as passionate about it. So this allows us to narrow this down to of what's on this list. 


What are you the most equipped? Then you take whatever you've listed there and you say of what's left on this list. Now you say, what are you the most passionate about? So for instance, let's say you've narrowed what your a really equipped to help down to three right here you can order it by passion. Okay? Cause now you're equipped to teach these things. So which one of these are you most passionate about right now? We could do the passion and I'll go, I'll make a an example list in a moment so you can see this in action. And then have this final thing that we've, you know, the top passionate thing that we're, you know, we're an expert in or that we know how to do, that we know how we can get people results in, that we are equipped to help and that we are passionate about which aspect, what's laser focused aspect of this niche? 


Are We, you know, an expert in? So if you're an expert in speaking, are you an expert in motivational speaking? Are you an expert in corporate trainings? What sub genre of that overall industry are you an expert in? And then from that, if you are an expert in multiple areas, again it goes back to which are you most equipped to help. And if you can get all the way through this, you can find the absolute most ethical, most imposter syndrome, free and most profitable online course idea. So let's go back to the beginning. And I'm gonna give you an example. So for me, and I'll just walk you through how I figured this out for our course of mine want just one course that's done over $9 million. So thins I'm an expert in. Okay. I consider myself an expert in guitar because I've been paid to play guitar. 


Okay. I've also been paid to teach a little guitar, Brazilian Jujitsu, right. Brazilian Jujitsu. I would consider myself, you know, knowledgeable. I've, I've helped teach some people in class, et Cetera, et cetera. Um, another one would be, uh, music recording and I am definitely an expert in this cause I went to college for it. Another one is marketing, another one is speaking cause I've been paid thousands and thousands of dollars to speak. And there's multiple other things. For instance, uh, okay. Jumping rope, right? I am actually a very good jump rover and I could keep going here, but let let, let's move on. So all of these things, which am I the most equipped to help people? Well, I'm a pretty good guitar player and I've helped people, but you know, I'm not an expert. I'm, I'm not like a super expert guitar player. I'm not what you would consider like somebody that you would go to every week and pay lessons for. 


Maybe if you were a friend of mine and I could help you. Yeah. And but not just not, I'm not that good. Right. So I'm gonna Cross that one off. A Brazilian Jujitsu. I'm only a blue belt. Do I help other people? Have I helped other people in class yet, but not really that much of an expert. Okay. Little bit of an expert and not that much of an expert music recording. I am definitely an expert in this. I'm really, really good at this marketing. Really, really good at this. Speaking really, really good at this jump rope. I'm good at it, but I'm not like, like an Olympic level jump. Ropers let's get rid of that. So now I'm going to go over to equipped, right? So we know that I'm a equipped at music recording, speaking and marketing. Okay. Now of these three things, which am I most passionate about? 


Right? Well, even though I am, I'm way more passionate about music than I am necessarily music recording. I'm not really that passionate about teaching music recording, you know, it's a very grueling process. And what I love is the final product. I love playing music. So I actually kind of passionate about teaching, speaking, but not really because that's not where most of my results come from. I do a little bit of speaking and I'm good at it, but it's just not my main thing. Now, marketing, marketing, I'm very passionate about of these three because I always love to experiment, try new things, and I'm constantly every day messing around and pulling the strings in marketing and just experimenting and finding new things, right? So we're going to cross these off and we're going to go with marketing, right? Because I'm really passionate about marketing. I'm always messing with it, experimenting with it. I don't find myself experimenting with speaking that much a little bit. And really not with musical recording. I kinda record music the same way every time. So I'm really passionate about marketing. So that made it to the passionate list. That's the only one. So now let's move on to the laser focus. So what we want to do is we want to break this down to the laser focused aspects. Okay? So when I got started, I was doing several types of marketing. I was doing affiliate marketing. Okay. I was doing blogging. 


I had an agency and as well, I was dabbling a little bit in digital products. Okay. Products, digital products, like online courses and whatnot. So at this time, this was about three years ago, I've now broken this down. So affiliate marketing, blogging, I had a done for you agency and I also did some digital products. Right? So of these four things, what was I the most equipped to help? Well, I made a decent amount of money in affiliate marketing, but not a crazy amount. Right? Plus in affiliate marketing, uh, there was a point where I was making like really good money, but then something happened with, uh, SEO and Google search engines and all of a sudden I wasn't making any money and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Right? So, Eh, not so equipped there. Blogging, I got bored of blogging. I didn't want to do it anymore. 


So why would I teach somebody how to do it if I don't even want to do it if I'm, if I'm just like, you know, so again, boom, um, agency, I was making about 20 grand a month with my done for you agency. Uh, and so I was like, man, I'm at, a lot of people were asking me questions about it and I have very specific things I do for this. Like I only work with local clients. I only work with clients that answered the phone. And so I was teaching this to other people and they were getting a lot of value out of it and they were landing clients. I was like, wow. So this is something I'm really equipped to help people with. Right. And then there's digital products. So at the time I hadn't sold that much in digital products. So at the time I cross this off the list. 


However, today I've sold over $10 million in digital products, which is why I'm doing this video right out of teaching because now this has made the equipped list, right? See how that's ethical, see how that's avoiding being an imposter syndrome. So the winner was agency. And so what I did was I created an agency course and not just an agency course, but an agency course that was very focused on my exact method, a method that I was using that I didn't really see anybody else doing. And from that I created a $10 million business, sorry, $9 million business I have in the past few months began working with clients, helping them create and scale their online course and that that particular product has done about a million dollars so far. So if you got value out of this video, if you enjoyed this video and you want some more free value from me, then what I'd like you to do is click on the link included with this video and you can watch a 60 minute free, no cost training on how I build a multimillion dollar online course business with just one automated webinar. 


Okay? That is actually how I have created such a massive education business is figuring out a great course idea and then scaling that with automation. So I'm going to walk you through that. In this one hour training. It's totally free. Click the link and your name and email and I will send the link to your email. So make sure you enter your best email and then after you watch that training, if you feel like you can do this, if you feel like this might be something that you want to do, there'll be an opportunity to book a call with my staff and someone in my office will talk to you for free for 45 minutes and see if we can help you build your online course business, see if we can help you discover what your course should be or how to scale it or whatever problem you have. 


We'll figure out what that problem is and we'll show you what it would look like to work with us to grow and scale your online course business. And then you can decide if you want to do it or not. It's no pressure, but you really want to watch this training whether you decided to book a call or not, whether you decided to become a client or not irrelevant. You need this training. If you're watching this video, if you've stayed til the end of this video and you're still watching it, you need this training, so click the link, watch it. It's totally free and it's only an hour of your day. I can't wait to see your success. Thank you so much. Have a great one.