How To Create Your Very First Ad For Your Online Course

Written By Dan Henry

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Are you struggling with how to create your very first ad for your online course or coaching program?

Well, I have the perfect training for you today!! 

And let me tell you, it's not about the "technical aspect" of how to create an ad... because that's a completely different skillset than what I'm going to teach you right now! 

In my latest video, I'm going to give you the exact format for building your ads successfully... from a creative aspect. 

And more importantly, how to do this with your very FIRST ad...

In this video, I'm going to cover:

  • Why creating your first ad needs to be different than any other ad you create in the future
  • The reason why if you are running your first ad AFTER your course is already created, you're already missing out...
  • How to leverage an irresistible resource related to your subject matter that your audience is begging to have...
  • Why "9 seconds" are the most important seconds you have...
  • AND... why the the "pattern interrupt" you choose to use in your ads must be more than a "crazy person doing crazy things" (because it actually needs be a strategic plan)!


Hey, everybody in today's video, I'm going to show you how to create your first ad for your online course, by the way, if you like videos like this, you'll want to subscribe so that you get more of them. Otherwise you won't get them. Cause you won't know about them unless you're psychic. And if you're psychic, then I should be taking advice from you because wow. Being psychic is awesome.

Hey everybody. My name is Dan Henry and I'm the founder of get and the author of the popular book, digital millionaire secrets, which is all about how to create a massively successful online education business, online course coaching, et cetera. That's just today. Let's talk about your first ad. Now I'm not going to get into the technical aspect of launching an ad in Facebook or YouTube, because honestly you can, you can Google that. Facebook has a great little course called Facebook blueprint on how to launch an ad. Anybody can do that. That is, that is easy. What's hard is creating a great ad. The actual, you know, copy or what you say in your video ad or the creative, we call it the creative. That's the hard part about running ads, not clicking buttons in the dashboard. Any idiot can do that, but what you say, how you present your offer that as a totally different skillset.

And that is what I'm going to cover today. So I'm going to give you a format for your ads, right? I'm gonna give you a format, but let me just tell you if it's your first ad, you may be thinking, Oh, I'm going to run this ad to a sales page. I can promise you that's a mistake in my program. And what I talk about in my book is we want to validate our offer first. So I'm just going to write this over here on the side we use what's called an AGM stands for audience growth funnel and what an AGM is. It it's a very simple funnel, right? It's just like an opt in with a downloadable asset. I call this an irresistible resource. It's usually a PDF guide related to your subject matter that people really, really want. And it can be anything.

It can be one page. For instance, it could be something. If you sell a YouTube course, it could be something as simple as this my YouTube video format. I just literally look at this. When I do YouTube videos, I look down at it, it's on the ground and I just go, okay, make promise, asked to subscribe, introduce yourself and engagement question and away. And I just look at it as I create my videos. This, if you're selling a YouTube course, this could be your irresistible resource. And so in this AGS, it's basically just a process where they can go to a page and download that PDF and you can run an ad to this. They download the PDF and then from they get emails or you can take them to a free Facebook group and warm them up. And you can do this before you ever create your course.

In fact, I recommend you do it because the way we do it is we'll, we'll make a simple resource like that. We'll run a very simple ad. We'll take them to an audience growth funnel, we'll get the email and then we'll invite them to a Facebook group. And we'll over a few weeks. We'll go ahead and ask some questions. We'll do some lives. We'll get the feed. We'll get feedback from our potential market on what their fears are, what their wants are, what their obstacles are. And then from there we craft the perfect offer for them. And that's what makes a really high, high performing online course. The first month I did this, we were able to sell 52 copies, sorry, 48 copies on one webinar, 52 copies on another webinar. We sold over a hundred copies of my course in the very first month.

And it's because at the very beginning, we, we, we did this process with an audience growth funnel. We got some people in the Facebook group. We asked them questions, we figured it out. Then we made an offer and that's why it's sold so well. So I highly recommend that if you're starting your very first ad, after your course is done, you're already making a mistake. Okay? But that is a tale for another time. Let's talk about whether you're running an ad to here or whether you are running into a webinar or whether you're running into a sales page, whatever. Let's talk about what you say. So what I start with, and by the way, this is in the book and this is in the first nine seconds, preferably the first five, right? So I'm going to put first nine seconds very important. And why is this important?

It's because in the 1970s, the average American had an attention span of 12 minutes. Today. They have an attention span of nine seconds or less. That's the same as a goldfish. What that means is you got to capture attention right away. And so what I do is I use what's called an identifying pattern interrupt, or an IPI identifying pattern interrupt. Now, if you're familiar with a pattern interrupt, this is what it is. Let's say the video starts, let's say I'm doing a video or I'm typing copy in my ad. A pattern editor up would be something that makes people go, Whoa, I need to read that. It's for instance, a pattern interrupt could be something as simple as the video turns on. And I just go and it's like, Whoa. And you're like, this guy's freaking crazy. What does he have to say? This is interesting.

Okay. Now, a lot of people, when they market, they use any old pattern interrupt, right? They'll just be like, or whatever, just doing crazy stuff to capture your attention. That's good and well, but we don't want to just do that. We want to do an identifying pattern interrupt. We want to do a pattern interrupt that is specifically only noticeable by your target market. And number one, because we only want customers that are interested in our products and services. And the second reason is every, almost every app ad platform today, especially Facebook has what's called conversion optimization. So as they're running ads there, they're figuring out who is interested. And then they're showing that ad to more of those people. So if I just get on camera and I go or something crazy, anybody, anybody is going to stop and go, Whoa, what's this. We don't want just anybody.

We want people that are interested in what we have to say and in our product. And so if we make our pattern interrupt, identifying Facebook will show it to more people who are likely to be our customers. Now, what does that mean? For instance, at the beginning of this video, what did I say? I say in this video, you're going to learn how to create your first ad for your online course. So I made a promise. Okay. Now promises while they're not crazy or wild, they definitely, definitely are a good identifying pattern because I'm making a very specific, specific promise. So if you are interested in creating an online course, and I say, I'm gonna show you how to create your first ad for an online course. You are like, Oh, this is for me. I didn't say I'm going to help you create your first ad, because what if you sell shoes?

You know what I'm saying? I want to say, you know, here's how this relates to you and your specific situation, what you sell or what you do. For instance, if I was selling a weight loss course, I wouldn't say bananas make you fat. And it's like, kind of weird, right? Cause it's like bananas make you fat. Like, but let's say my course was specifically for brides who were trying to lose weight before their wedding, I might wear a wedding dress. Well, I wouldn't wear a wedding dress. I might get somebody that wears a wedding dress or you know what, screw it. I'll wear a wedding dress. If that's not a pattern interrupt. I don't know what it is. But imagine I was wearing a wedding dress and I had like 10 bananas in my hand and I'm like, bananas make you fat. Hey everybody Dan Henry here.

And if you're looking to look good for your big day, I'm going to show you blah, blah, blah, whatever. Again, only somebody who is interested in weight loss for their wedding would even care about that. Okay. Just like at the beginning of copy, you know, I remember one time I hired a copywriter and they started one of my, my pieces of copy off with you know Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. What can we learn from that? And they went into this big thing about how everything almost went wrong before they landed on the moon, but they stuck through it. They solve problems and they completed the mission. And I said, well, that's great if you're interested in landing on the moon or you're interested in NASA, but if you're selling online courses, you got to get to the very bottom of that email or that ad or whatever, to even know that this applies to you.

So I say, what does landing on the moon have to do with selling online courses? So I've made a pattern interrupt because I'm just talking about like landing on the moon. Like it's kind of a weird thing. It's it catches my attention. But landing on what is landing on the moon to do with your online course? So again, I'm saying like, let's say you sold let's say you were a CrossFit junkie and you buy CrossFit products. I can say, what is landing on the moon have to do with getting in shape? Or what does, what does space exploration have to do with CrossFit? You're kind of like, I don't know. That's weird. What does landing on the moon or what does space exploration have to do with CrossFit? It's weird. It's like this thing that you're, you have to stop and take a double-take that's the pattern interrupt.

But when I say, have to do with CrossFit, that's the identifying or knocking my book on the floor. That was a battery to interrupt. Let's go with it. Anyway. Then the thing about it is people see wedding dresses all day long, right? You can scroll through your feed and or you can see somebody getting married and it's like, Oh yeah, I get it back. But if you're getting married and you see a wedding dress, you zoom in so much more because you're like, I'm getting married wedding dress. Just like if you bought a certain type of car, you see that car more as cars drive by. Cause you have that car. I have a Tesla. I might've saw a thousand Teslas until I bought my Tesla. But now that I have a Tesla, I see every Tesla on the road, it pops out to me.

Okay. So that is why this is so important to, to capture attention in the first nine seconds and also make it only relatable to your target market. The easiest way to do this without wearing a wedding dress and doing something crazy that your entire family will make fun of you for the rest of your life is just to make a promise. Hey guys, in this video, I'm going to teach you how to do this thing related to what you do done deal. Okay, that's it. So, or if you're telling a story, what does this have to do with blank? That's it right. So next once we have that identifying pattern interrupt, if you've not made a promise, the next step would be to make a promise. If you have made a promise, you can skip this because you've combined that with the identifying pattern interrupt. So for instance, if I say in this video, or if you're doing YouTube, this is a great one for YouTube in the next 60 seconds, I'm going to show you this thing. Only your target market would want that promise. So we make that promise. Then we move on to a narrative.

Okay. This could be a story. This could be a a tip, a tutorial. It could be anything. And then when you're done, you want to transition, this is where you want to transition.

And then finally your CTA, which is your call to action. Okay. All right. So right now I'm going to go ahead and just off the top of my head, make up an ad and that'll be for my book. All right. So although I'll do a couple for you so you can see this. So let's talk about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Okay. so I might say something like, what can we learn from Neil Armstrong about selling online courses, identifying pattern, interrupt. Okay. In this video, I'm going to show you exactly why walking on the moon is just like selling online courses. And if you know what I'm about to teach you, you will do far better today than you did yesterday in your online course business. Not a great promise because it's off the top of my head. I didn't think about it, but there's a promise.

Or I could say I promise in the next 60 seconds of this video, you're going to learn something about your business that will blow your mind and will allow you to sell more copies of your course than you than you ever have. Okay. Promise right. Narrative. All right. So what you know about Neil Armstrong and landing on the moon is that w you know, they landed on the moon. They've planted their flag and everybody thought it was great. But what you didn't know is right before they landed on the moon, they almost had a catastrophic mission failure where everything went wrong, but they communicated back to Houston or whatever. And they communicated with their team. They got through it. They, they, they worked the problem one by one by one by one. And they successfully landed on the moon. They didn't give up. They, they didn't turn back home.

They made it happen. And they did what most people consider. One of the biggest strides for humanity. One small step for man, one big step for mankind or huge step, whatever he said anyway. So that's the narrative. So now I transition now, imagine for a moment you're selling your online course, you're trying to sell your online course. You're trying to get it launched. And you run into a problem. You get discouraged. You, you, you think of all the reasons why you could fail and you stop. What have you done? Nothing. You've, you've ended your journey because you had one problem. Think of all the other people out there that are crushing it with their online courses, because why they ran into problem. One problem, two problem, three problem, four problem five. And they just kept solving it. And they got to the end of the road.

They landed on the moon and they sold her on my course and made it happen. All right. So there's the transition. Now here's the call to action. Let me ask you a question. It's one thing to be able to have the mental wherewithal, to keep solving problems and stick to it, but it can be discouraging. So what if, what if 90% of the problems you have in selling online courses, you could skip? Well, if that sounds good to you, then let me tell you about my book. Digital millionaire secrets, where I walked through my complete journey from zero to eight figures. I talk about all the problems I have and how I solved them. I imagine if you could read this book and skip ahead in the line. So your online course journey, would that be worth it? You, how much would you pay for that?

Well, guess what? You don't have to pay anything because the book is free. Just cover shipping and handling, click the link in this video, and you can get a copy of the book. That's it, dude done. Done, done deal. Identifying pattern up, landing on the moon, have to do with online courses. Promise. I promise that you'll be able to sell more courses than ever. If you do this narrative was how they almost crashed on the moon, or they almost had a catastrophic mission failure, but they stuck to it. The transition was, imagine all the people out there that didn't give up that sell on my courses. You give up, you're not going to make any money at it. CTA is or CTA has, you know, Hey, here's this book. It'll, it'll skip you the head of the line, skip you to the front of the line and it'll solve most of those problems for you.

Get the book. That's it done deal. Okay. Now, if this was a book or a webinar about how to start your, let's say, let's say you want to start a business on how to flip apartment buildings or, or flip houses. Okay. You do the same exact thing, right? In fact, you could still use that same example with Neil Armstrong. You know, what, what can we learn about flipping houses from the alarms, from, you know, in this video, I'm going to show you how to get started in your house, flipping journey by whatever you know, narrative you, same narrative transition. Imagine all those people that could be flipping houses right now, but aren't because they just give up at the first sign of a problem. Well, I don't want you to be one of those people, which is why I want you to grab a copy of my book, or I want you to register for my webinar or whatever, where I'm gonna show you all the things that you were doing wrong and how you can skip that and blah, blah, blah, boom, same thing. You could take that same example and do with a thousand different offers. You don't even have to stick with the Neil Armstrong example. You could go with anything, man. You could go with fricking Yoda, like, look, look at this.

You could go with Yoda. You could be like, I'll do not. There is don't try. And you can like, literally just hold up a $3,000 Yoda statue. I have this, I don't know, but you could hold it up and you could do the same thing and talk about star Wars. It doesn't matter. The point is you stick to this format and your ads or the majority of your ads will do well. Now listen, if you thought that was good and you want to use the force some more hotline courses, then you can grab a copy of my book. I'll leave the link in the description. It is free. Just pay for shipping. And you can grab a copy of this in the description as well. If you want to get started right now and get help from my team and see how we can help you with your ads, with your funnels, your webinars, with your course, you can book a call, talk to my team. We'll see if we can help you. We'll show you what that looks like. I'll leave a link in there as well, but most importantly, don't forget to subscribe. Okay. Don't try to subscribe to see you in the next video.