The Best Marketing System In The World

Written By Dan Henry

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Do you lay awake at night often stressing things like, "How do I grow my business?""What should I do?", or "What kind of marketing system should I use?!"... then this training is for you!!

In this training, I am going to break down what exactly the best marketing system is, and what your marketing system should look like to really make it work for you.

In this video, I am going to cover:

  • What the true definition of a marketing system is, and what it looks like for your business
  • What actually matters with marketing systems
  • AND... how your food intake, sleep quality, and mood stability have to do with your success levels!


In today's video, I'm going to be going over the absolute best marketing system in the entire world. And don't forget to subscribe to this channel. If you like videos like this, I release them every week.

Hey everybody, Dan Henry here, author of the wall street journal, a bestselling book, digital millionaire secrets, and founder of And today I'm going to go over the best marketing system in the entire world, literally the best marketing system for any business. So if you're wondering, how should I grow my business? What should I do? What kind of marketing systems should I use? And you're, you're staying awake at night and it's keeping you up at night thinking about what you should do. This video will solve it also on a scale of one to 10, how happy are you with your current marketing system? Let me know in the comments, drop your number below. So let me pop over to the whiteboard here and really draw this out. So you can really get a 30,000-foot view. So my current marketing system, the one that I use right now, the one that I personally liked for my business is I have what I like to call a piece of core content.

All right, core content. I'll draw this in a little box and this could be a webinar. It could be a case study. It could be you know, a video sales letter, but it's some sort of core content. That is your number one piece of content. And my favorite is a webinar because a webinar really allows people to believe to, to build belief, understand what you're doing, understand about your product service or your coaching, whatever it is. It's one core piece of core content. And then from there, we simply ask people to book a call and we feed this through ads or content. All right? And this right here is essentially the trifecta. So we have advertisements or emails or podcasts or whatever. We feed our core content, which goes to a call. And if people watch our core content and they haven't booked a call, they see more ads that get them to book a call.

If they've already seen this and it just sort of goes like this, right? I'm not going to get into too much detail on this because it's really not what matters. Okay? What actually makes this system work or what would make a different system? Where would make a system where maybe I had billboards that fed to a, a newsletter, which then fed to a sales page, whatever. Okay. It doesn't matter. And that is the point, this system, whatever it is here. I want you to imagine this for a second. Imagine that this system is actually okay.

A car. Okay.

All right. It's actually a car. And this is the engine in this car. That system that you have is, is the engine in that car. And right here is the gas cap. Now, how do you get this system? This engine to make this car go well, you have to pour gasoline in it. You've got to pour gas. Now, what type of gas do you pour in the engine? The best? If you have a car that has a high-performance engine, you got to put premium gasoline in it. Because if you don't put premium gasoline in it, it's not going to run that good. So what does that mean? Why am I talking about cars and engines and gas? Well, think about this. It doesn't matter what the system is, because if that system has ever worked for another business, it can work for you. For instance, if you open a chain of restaurants and you begin selling a franchise opportunity into those restaurants, that is a system that has worked for Donald, for subway, for just so many huge multimillion-dollar corporations, corporations that are traded on the frickin New York stock exchange.

You can go like these companies went from somebody who started one restaurant, and now there are thousands of those restaurants all across the United States, all across the world. They're traded publicly. That's a system. The system of taking a branded product and selling that to entrepreneurs who want to use your name, that right there is a system just like trading stocks. There's a system to trading stocks, just like growing an information business. There's assistance to that. And I teach that system in my book, just like flipping real estate. There's a cyst. There are multiple systems to that. Some people make money in real estate, flipping homes. Some people make money and real estate renting them out. The thing about it is, is all of these systems. They all work, but what makes them work is the type of gas you pour in the better, the gas and the more you keep that tank filled, the farther that engine will take that car.

So the best marketing system in the world is the one in which you can execute the best. The best marketing system in the world is when you can execute it the best. What does that mean? Guys? I've made upwards. Now we're approaching 20 million. We're approaching 20 million in revenue, 20 million from selling my advice online. That's it? That's insane. It's insane for me to think about that. It's insane for me to think that at one point I was a broke musician and I was literally struggling, struggling to pay my electric. I remember when I had to sit there for an hour and decide what food to get at Walmart at 11 o'clock at night, with all the crazies, because if I chose the wrong foods, I wouldn't be able to pay my rent. And now, literally, now I've built an eight-figure business, and I've used multiple systems throughout my career.

And guess what? They've all worked. They all work. What makes them, there are some that are better than others. There are some that are more efficient than others. Absolutely. And I talk a lot about those in my book, but what really makes those systems sing? What really makes those systems work is the execution. It's how premium the gas you pour in the engine actually is what does that mean, guys? If you're an entrepreneur and you're not constantly tracking your sleep and your activity levels, I honestly can't take you seriously as an entrepreneur. Think about this. Look at this engine right here. Look at this part right here, the call. Okay. Every week I get on a meeting on a zoom call with my sales team and I ask them about their mood. I asked them about their attitude. I asked them about how the calls went.

I have to motivate my sales team. I have to answer questions from them to improve their close rate, to improve their sales. I have to have meetings with my team and I don't have a lot of meetings. I'm going to meet in guy, but I still have to converse with my team and make sure that they're running and they're making this engine work. And here's the thing. If I'm tired and I can't think properly, I can't make those decisions. I can't make decisions on what ads, you know, what advertising strategies we're going to use this month or what, what sales promotions we're going to. I can't make good decisions if I'm tired, right? If I've been up all night drinking, I can't make good decisions. I personally know several seven-figure entrepreneurs that their companies look like this, like their stock. If their company, their sales was a stock, it looks like this because these are moments when they focus and when they get their fricking crap together.

And these are moments when they're all out partying and you never, you never can tell what the company is going to do because the owners of the company, they're out there partying, they're drinking. They're not getting good sleep. They're eating bad food. They're not focused. And my company and companies that are owned by people that I trust that I've learned a lot from that I respect, you know, these companies do they're stable. They're not volatile, but they're always on an upward trend. And the reason is when you focus, not just on your ads and your emails and your funnels and your marketing, but you focus on the one thing that means the most, that is the quality of the gas you pour in the engine. That means you, your ability to think properly. That's when you become a true entrepreneur. Every day, I look at my ordering and I track how good my sleep, how good, how good of a sleep I got.

I track my activity levels. I make sure that if I eat a certain food, or if I eat too close to bed, or what have you, that my ordering goes, Oh, you didn't get good sleep. And I go, Oh, I didn't get good sleep at night. I ate late. Okay. So that means eating late effects. And I, I think about it and I put energy into that so that I get good sleep. I get 10,000 steps in a day, again, tracked on this ordering. And I look at it in my app and I make sure I get my activity levels in because when I get my activity levels in a more focused, I'm able to think better. And as well, I am able to sleep better. So I make better decisions. The next day I get up earlier, I don't eat food. That makes me feel bad.

I eat good food. I don't drink every night so that I'm not hungover the next day. I, when I walk every day, when I walk, I walk about an hour a day. I listen to an audiobook to improve my knowledge. I constantly invest in masterminds, in consulting all, but the most I've ever paid for a consultant call was $25,000 one hour. I constantly invest in my body in my mind, in my knowledge, because that right there, my output, my execution is the gas that makes any engine run. And yes, you need boots. Yes, you need both. You need a great system, but systems are different for different businesses. What doesn't change is the quality of the gasoline. You, if you're not focused on feeding that engine, if you're not focused on execution, you're missing the biggest point. If you're not constantly bettering yourself, developing your mindset, developing your confidence, developing your skills and abilities and talents and taking care of your body.

And it doesn't matter what system you use. You're never going to accomplish the height of entrepreneurship. Because up here, this is what we do. Eight figure entrepreneurs don't run around all Willy nilly, not caring about their sleep, not caring about their diet, not caring about their focus in order to do great things. You honestly have to be super focused. Steve jobs used to wear the same clothes every day. He had a closet full of the same shirt and pants. You know why he did that? It's because he realized that he spent way too much time every single day, deciding what to wear. So he just had a closet full of all the same stuff. So we'd get up in the morning done. In fact, if you notice, I wear pretty much the same shirt every day. That's because that's a productivity hack. I don't need to spend time figuring out what to wear because I wear this pretty much the same thing every day.

That gives me over the course of a month hours of extra time to focus on making this engine go. And that right there is the best marketing system in the world for any business. It's the one that you can execute the best. I hope you enjoyed this video. And I understand it may not be what you want to hear, but it is what you need to hear. And if you'd like more, no BS, direct advice than grab a copy of my book, digital millionaire secrets. So wall street, journal bestseller, but I'm going to give it to you for free, just pay shipping. You can find a copy of that book or a link to it to get a copy of your free book in the description. And don't forget to hit the subscribe button, because if you like videos like this, I release them every single week. So make sure to subscribe. I'll see you in the next one.