Behind the Scenes of a Million Dollar Day

Written By Dan Henry

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Are you still wondering how I made $1 million dollars in a day from the technical setup aspect of the process?

Well, you're in luck! 

In my video earlier this week, I covered the mindset behind making $1 Million dollars in a day... 

But in today's video, I'm going to walk you through the technical steps and the physical set up of what I used. 

By the way, if you think I'm making a video about how to make a million dollars in one day, you are wrong... 

It took me years and years to get to this level. So I am going to also explain in greater detail what it took to get to where I am today.

In this video, I'm going to:

  • Walk you through my house so you can see the exact physical set up I used for the live Zoom meeting that made me over $1 Million dollars
  • Why you don't need a big stage or a large event to make a huge profit from your offer
  • AND... why it's so important for you to continue to invest in yourself and get the skills required for the growth of your business!


All right. So the million dollar day how was it done? What did the logistics look like? What, you know, what did I physically do? I did another video on my mindset behind the million dollar day, but what did I physically do? Like, like what did the set up look like? How did I do my virtual event? You know, what did it actually look like? Well, what I'm going to do right now is I'm going to flip this iPhone around and I'm going to walk you through the house and I'm going to show you exactly how I set it up.

So let's go,

Okay. First coffee. Hey Imelda. All right. So this right here is the dining room. Okay. And what I did here was that this normally looks pretty decent and normally looks like a real dining room, but because of quarantine and COVID and all that we had to we had to do it from the house. And so I had to like move everything around. So I have my iMac here. So basically I, what I did was I put a camera here. I hooked it up to my laptop here so that I could feed or not my laptop, my IMAX, so I could feed the video in. And I had all my notes for the event, printed out all messy, like, and laid there, had my eight figure award up there, just so there was some nice stuff back there. Hung up some of these lights, this took forever and it was so unnecessary, but I wanted it to look.

But I just added some accent right there. So that it looks nice. And then I, right here, I had my whiteboard is actually a flip chart. It's back at the office now, see, there's one of the pages. But basically I stood here and we went live on zoom to everybody that was in my digital millionaire coaching program. They were already in the program and I went live. So the camera's here, the the fetus here, I can see people in the chat and all that. I had my buddy Joe be the MC for the event. So he would like call out questions to me, bring people on, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And yeah that was, that was pretty much it. And then I just taught from right here, looking at the camera, speaking to people in here taught for two days.

And at the end of the two days, I made my pitch for my mastermind, which is $30,000, or it was $30,000 when I sold out of that, we've increased the price now. And we sold 34 spots and I made a million in a day during a pandemic sitting right on this stool from my makeshift studio in my dining room at home on a zoom call. And so that's, that's a behind the scenes look at how I did it. That's like the technical, I guess you could, you could say how it was done. But I mean, guys, you know, normally people do this from stage. They do it from stage on a big stage in front of a lot of people. And, you know, they might make a couple hundred. I mean, if you really think about it, if you get, you know, a couple of hundred people in a room and you give a killer presentation for two days and you, and you help people and it makes sense, and then you say, Hey, I have an offer for a, you know, whatever it is. And we're going to help you work with, you know, work with you closer. You're going to sell stuff as long as you put the time and the effort into learning, how to speak, learning, how to sell, getting the education you need. You know, I've joined multiple masterminds and multiple

Mmm Mmm.

Programs to help me in all various aspects of my business, customer service, speaking, sales marketing, everything. And that's why I've gotten you know, as good as I have at this game. So the thing about it is, is you have to continuously invest in yourself and learn the skills required. That's just the way it is. And so that's what allowed me to do the million dollar day. Oh, and for those that asked how many people were on the live, on the live, it was about 160 people, 160 people. And yes, they already had purchased my coaching program. So they already had made an investment and now they wanted to get closer access to me and in my mastermind. And that's why they purchased. Plus we threw in an amazing bonus that I'm really just, just, you know, threw it through the charts.

Just to give you a quick summary. I have a coaching program called digital millionaire coaching. We have about 600 people in it and we created an event and we sold tickets to it for about 300 bucks. I think it was. And it was a special two day live event. Only for those people. We had about 160 of those people purchase tickets and come on the two day event. And I taught some awesome stuff. And at the end of it, I made an offer for my mastermind, which costs $30,000 and 34 people bought that's 1,000,020 thousand. So that's the, the, how that's like how it all happened, how that number was created. So listen, if you guys want to learn more about how to get started, cause listen, you know, if you think I'm making a video on YouTube about how to make a million dollars in a day, I'm not because it took me years to get my, my level to, to, to this level, to get to this level where I can sell a million dollars from a zoom call in a day.

But I will tell you this, if I had a manual, if I could write myself a manual on how to get to this level faster and go back in time and hand by self that man. Yeah. I could do it way faster with less mistakes. Yeah. This is the manual. I would say, give myself, and this is my book, digital millionaire secrets, how I built an eight figure business, selling my knowledge online. This right here is literally the manual I would give myself. Yeah. If you would like to get a hold of this manual, then I'll leave a link in the description. The book is free. You just pay shipping and handling. Okay. But this is a two hour read is very, very easy to read. You know, it's not going to take a long time for you to, you know, two to two and a half hours. You can read this book. And it even includes my 30 days to a hundred thousand dollars blueprint. How I made a hundred grand in my first 30 days as a total beginner. Okay. So there is money in being a beginner. If you read this book, it will help you. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you like videos like this. So you guys see.