Why a Fancy Looking Course Will Actually Hurt Sales

Written By Dan Henry

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Do you ever think...

"Man, this looks so unprofessional. People are going to ask for their money back the second they see it!"

It's a recurring concern that I see among course creators.

Somehow they believe that just because their video production isn't at a movie production level of quality...

Their students will suddenly dismiss the content of the videos.

But here's the truth...

If you feel the answer to a best-selling course is fancy graphics, high-quality polished videos, or a snazzy student dashboard...

That somehow your students being able to see every fine line on your face in crystal clear quality...

Will magically increase your sales...

Think again.

I thought this too...

But I was dead wrong.

In fact, I discovered it can actually HURT sales!

If you want to see what I mean, I just shot a quick video before I left the office for the day...

I'll show you exactly what happened when I switched my course from "unprofessional" to "polished"...

...and more importantly, what it means for your own online course!


Hey, what's up everybody, Dan Henry here. And if you are struggling with the idea that your online course must have fancy graphics, a fancy dashboard, slick formatting, and must look really good in order for it to sell, and more importantly, in order for your students to get value, then I want to cover why that is not only unnecessary, but can actually hurt not only sales, but your students results. So back when I was first getting off the ground with my course, I really thought that the aesthetics and how professional, not only the dashboard, but the videos and all that stuff were, would really contribute to how well the course sells, how well people like it and how well they talk about it and share it. And it'd be like, Oh, Dan's course is great. And I ended up putting way too much value on how it looks rather than how it actually is and the content.


And so when I first launched my course, what it was was I had done a coaching session where I had taught all this stuff. Why? Right? And I had really ugly bullet points, really ugly, uh, slides. It was grainy, it was like low quality, wasn't a professional microphone like this one. It was just low quality, but the energy was there and the content and the info was really great. I was so, so excited to share it. And I cut up those videos and put them into each individual lesson covering each part. And that ran for several months as my course content. So then I decided, well, now that my course is selling and everything's good, I'm going to go and I'm going to redo all these lessons. I'm going to make them super professional. I'm going to edit all the mistakes out, I'm going to get a camera and lighting and all this stuff.


And so that's what I did. And I spent the next says two to three months filming. I bought professional cameras, I got professional lights, I spent all this money and I started filming, you know, these professional videos. I had a green screen and everything looks super corporate, super professional. Um, and you know what I, I'm into video and I'm into audio. I went to school for that stuff. So I was kind of like, Ooh, I want to do this. And so I did it. And one day I replaced all the course content with these new updated videos, which were the same videos covering essentially the same thing, but it, the aesthetics were approved. And all of a sudden there was a massive revolt in my student community and everybody was freaking out. I was like, Whoa, what is, what is the problem? And everybody said, Dan, why did you take away the old videos?


And I was like, well, we upgraded and we, we, you know, we uh, replaced them with these new professional things. Everybody was super, super disappointed and they were like, Dan, I know the old, like they all said the same thing. They were like, we know the old videos are crappy, but they were so easy to follow. They were so easy to understand. They were so, you know, they were so good and these new ones and they, I had graphics flying, I had all this stuff and it just, they didn't like it. They like the crappy with the, they liked the crappy ones basically. And I was like, so I literally deleted all those videos that I had spent months creating and replace them with the same ones. I had an emergence, put them all back and everybody was so happy and I was sitting there and I was just like, what?


I was like, I can't believe I wasted all this time doing this when I could have just went out and grew my sales more. Not even done that just spent time with my wife or whatever it was. And that's when I really realized that ultimately people care about the content. And I actually was very interested in why this happened. And I went and I, I did some Googling and I found out that there's some weird thing that happens in our brain apparently where basically the crappy or something looks the easier it is to digest, which I guess would be why the website, Craigslist has never changed its design in whatever it was, 20 years. Um, and there was an article on that as well, that they have like the ha then on another one of the top visited websites in the world. Even with all these new, you know, classified sites coming out, but not on the top.


But there was some study done with them as well where, because it was so crappy looking, it was so easy to digest. People kept coming back because it was easy. They didn't get bored of it. They didn't get fatigued and believe it or not high, you know, high, um, intense graphics and, and super professional. It's actually tiring on the eyes and the brain, which is probably why I always get tired watching a Michael Bay movie. But I can watch a Martin Scorsese film, you know, 10 times in a row. And it's great, um, is because, you know, not saying Martin Scorsese's crappy, but it, he has the simple movies. There's not all kinds of CGI and explosions. It's a very, very, uh, clean, simple, you know, film. Whereas Michael Bay movies, there's explosions everywhere and all this stuff. And so I really realized that day that you don't need to spend any time making something look good.


You just need to make the content good. What's up here and how you present it and how you can teach it. Even if it's over audio, like I've got a friend, my friend Ryan, he sells a $5,000 course and it's just audio. It's literally just audio. Tony Robbins has built a billion dollar company off selling audio courses. How crazy is that audio? Just audio. So listen, if you are wasting time trying to make your course look good or worrying about graphics and aesthetics and good microphones, trust me that doesn't mean anything. But I will say this, you absolutely need help in developing a system to sell your course. Make sure your course is good, make sure your company's running good, make sure you're able to deal with all the stuff that comes along with selling courses, like dealing with refunds, dealing with fail payments, just all this stuff growing, spending money on Facebook ads, scaling, making sure that you're able to get your webinar to convert all of this stuff.


And we are here to help you with that. I would love for you to click the button below and schedule yourself a free strategy session with my office. You'll get on the call and it'll be about 30 to 45 minutes. You'll get on the call. We will take a look at what you're currently doing to sell your online course or if you haven't started yet, what you plan to do and we'll try to help you craft a plan to move forward and make your dreams a reality and make your course sell and also making good. All right. And if it looks like there's a good opportunity for us to work together for us to partner and for me to help you sell that course and help you directly, then um, we'll explore that as well. Either way, you get tons of value out of the call.


So just look below this video. You'll be able to pick a time and schedule a call and speak with my team, okay? But we're not doing these sessions forever because I, I, uh, you know, I don't know how long have I been doing this? Only have literally a few people on my staff that are doing these calls. So make sure that you book today. You don't wait because if you come back, this box below might not be there. Okay? Um, so make sure you go below. You book a time to talk with my team and we can't, uh, w w we can't wait to talk to you. We look forward to it. All right? Remember, don't make your courses fancy. It's not going to help you. If anything, it'll hurt you. I will see you guys soon. I have some more work to do. Seattle.