Behind The Scenes of Creating My Brand New Webinar

How would you like a behind-the-scenes look at my new webinar?

Every year I create a new webinar for my company, I’ve learned all the rules behind creating a great webinar throughout my career. I’ve stuck to those rules in the past…

But, this year, I’m doing things a bit differently

If I’ve learned one thing as an entrepreneur, it’s that you have to constantly learn, grow, test, and refine. So this year, I’m breaking the rules, doing things my way, and testing something new!

My new webinar is something I’m excited to launch because it’s something I’ve never tried before…

I’m going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what went into creating my new webinar and share some of my tips for making your webinar shine!

If you’re looking for ways to improve your webinar, this video might be what you’re looking for. I created this video to give you a look inside at how I create my webinars and share some of my best tips to keep your audience tuned in to the end! 

In this video, I’m going to cover:

  • What goes into creating a new webinar
  • How I’m breaking the rules with this webinar
  • Who can pitch your offer better than you can 
In today’s video, I’m going to show you behind the scenes of creating my brand new webinar. Every year, I create a new and better webinar, and it does millions and millions of dollars in sales for my company. So I thought I would show you behind the scenes today. And if you like videos like this, you want to see more behind the scenes stuff from my life, from my company subscribe, because that’s what you do when you want to see more things.

All right. So let me give you a little bit of background on this webinar, and I’ll show you exactly what I’m doing. So, as I said before, every year, I will do a new webinar, and there’s for two reasons, one, I learned more about my customers, their objections, and I just get better at creating content that makes them buy faster, as well as I just get better at what I do. I get, I get better at presenting. I get better at the whole thing. And so, generally once per year, I do a whole new webinar. And then I run that webinar, that sales presentation for a year, and we do millions and millions of dollars. And then it kind of gets a little stale. Then we do it over again. And every year, I tend to try to do something new and unique and different.

And so I know a lot of people do like the three secrets webinar thing and all that, but this right here is completely unique. I’ve never done it. Anything like this before, maybe it’s going to bomb. Maybe it’s just going to suck because it’s so unique. I’m not using any framework or anything, or maybe it does great. So let me explain what we have going on here. I have Camtasia up, and I always edit my own webinars because every syllable, every like literally every syllable, every word, everything I like to be smooth, polished, perfect. Just how I want it because it’s the main thing, the core content that’s going to drive sales, other stuff, other YouTube videos, and stuff my team edits. But this, the main driver of sales I edit it. What we did was we did a study where we interviewed. We did like the online interview with these questions on our list, and we had 213, I believe, 213 people respond.

And it was basically asking if you’re an online coach or a course creator asking, okay, why are you, like, what are you doing? What, what are you doing with your sales? What are you doing with your pricing? What are you doing with your products? How are you promoting? And we separated it into three groups, people who were making under ten grand a month, which I would consider struggling people who are making 20 to 50 grand a month, which I would consider doing well, and people making over 50 grand a month, which I would consider, you know, doing really well. And we asked the same questions to all three groups, and we looked at the difference between, and so we basically ran this study and what I decided to do when I got the results, and I saw how amazing they were basically making a webinar out of it and go over the results.

And so the webinar has two parts. Basically, the first part is me giving some advice, right? And I, and it’s what I learned from selling over 1000 spots into my own high ticket coaching program because we just passed the 1000 high ticket client mark recently. And so up until about, I think it’s about like 14 minutes. I give advice on what I’ve learned, and then right around 14 minutes, we start the study and then at the end I make a pitch, and I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but here’s something cool that I did. I knew that people would want to get to the study, and I didn’t want them to feel like, oh, Dan’s going to just go on and on and on forever. So I did this. It says Dan’s advice ends and study begins.

And it counts down to the advice. So as I’m, as I’m talking and giving advice, this counts down. So, you know, okay, we’re about to see the study, just, just to get more retention. And I just did this. I filmed this right here at my office. I didn’t do any fancy stuff. I’ll probably refilm it later, but if it crushes, then I’ll leave it. Now here’s something I did a little bit different. I know that most of the time, when we run a webinar, we say, Hey, here’s all this great information. Here’s how we can help you. Would you like to be, become a client? If so, book a call, and that’s how we normally do it, but why decided to be a little different this time and basically say, okay, you have two options. Number one, you can book a call and become a client.

Or, if you’re not ready yet, you can purchase the recordings of our Raise Your Prices Challenge. Cause we did this challenge a few weeks ago where we took 300 people and we taught them how to raise their prices. And on the challenge, people who were charging $500 for their programs ended up charging $5,000, $10,000. There were a few people that did close $25K and $30,000 offers in the five days. And so I just taught like a madman. For five days, I taught this stuff like a madman, and we didn’t offer any recordings of any kind. It was all live coaching. So it came out so good. I said, okay, I’ll take the recordings, and I’ll sell them. And I figure if somebody is not ready to become a client when they buy those recordings, it’ll help them. They’ll land a bunch of high ticket clients, they’ll get the money to invest in our coaching, and they’ll become a client, or at least that’s my theory.

So basically, I give two options on here. So option one, see, it says, become a client, and then option two, it’s the raise your prices masterclass. Now I’m going to tell you right now; this is a terrible idea. There is a golden rule of never have two offers, never have two CTS. And it’s a rule that you really shouldn’t break. But listen, dude, at this point, I’m so fricking bored. I’ve played by the rules for years. I’ve made millions of dollars doing it the way you’re supposed to do it. I want to start messing with things. Now I want to start breaking the rules, and I have broken the rules quite a bit actually in the past. But the point is that I want to see if I can make it work. It’s not supposed to work. I fully expect it to fail.

I fully expected the bomb, but I recorded it in a way where I can edit it and take out the second CTA if I want to or vice versa. So, you know, I’m going to test it, see how it works. But I really honestly believe if people buy this masterclass, the recordings of this Raise Your Prices Challenge, which we’re calling the Raise Your Prices Masterclass. I know that people will take that. They will immediately land a bunch of high ticket clients, and they’ll say, you know, wow, this is amazing. I need to get the actual coaching from Dan’s team. They’ll book a call, and they’ll buy. At least that’s my theory. I hope it works. But if it doesn’t, oh, well, I’ll just cut it out. We’ll see. To give you a little bit more intricate behind the scenes, here’s just a couple of tricks. So when I have a screenshot that I’m talking over, what I’ll sometimes do if it’s a big screenshot where the person has is talking a lot, and I really just want to zero in on one thing that they said to make sure that the person watching really gets to the point, See how I put this arrow so that their eyes, “You just got me a $5,000 sale.” Like, “So this program works before you, even…” You see? So like, I, I just want them their eyes to go there. And I do it again here and because it’s quick, you know, you can’t just jibber-jabber on and on and on.
You gotta be quick, you gotta keep people’s attention, and you gotta move quick. Well, if you’re moving quickly, it’s hard to read. So when you put that arrow there, it just shows the highlight of what they’re supposed to see, and they see it, and it keeps going. There are other little tricks as well. I know the comments are going to ask, how are you doing this? How are you doing this countdown? So all you actually do, it’s super, super simple. You just basically go to Google, and you type in a countdown. And then you type in, like, if it’s like five minutes, you hit start, and it’ll count down, and you just screen record this. So if I go on to Camtasia and I hit record, it’ll allow me to basically define my area, which is kind of a pain, but yeah, so you can define it.

You figure that part out, but anyway, that’s, that’s what you do. So you can do that. And you could just make it count down like that. As well, what I do is at the end, I always do something like this where, you know, I’ve made my call to action. And then I want people to be able to decide because you can’t just say, all right, book a call or all right, bye. And then a webinar ends. You got to give them some time to be like, should I do this? So what I do is I play video testimonials from my clients at the end of every webinar for sometimes 15, 20, 30 minutes. And I just let it run.

What I do here is like, I take some of my best client success stories like Jason here, who, when he came to me, he was doing about 150 grand a month within less than five months. I got him to 750 grand a month. So like, that’s a big result. So I want to put that in there. You know, and I just have a bunch of them that I put in there, and it just plays. And so when somebody is on the fence, they’re like, oh, should I book a call? Or, oh, should I buy? And then they just see these amazing case studies one after the other. And they see people talking about, you know, how amazing the program’s been. They’re like, all right, I’m in. You know, but I want to let those play. Cause a lot of times, people will just sit there with their credit card in their hand or sit there thinking, and they’ll just hear it, and that’ll just get them over the fence. So I always, at the end of my auto webinars I play that.

This is a great one. Ken, he was charging. He was charging $500 for his consulting when he came to us, and now he charges a minimum of a hundred thousand, and he recently landed a multi-location deal for cybersecurity consulting. And it was a $12.5 million deal per year, annual contract, 12.5 million. He landed. So he went from charging $500 to literally, and I made sure to get this right. Right.

Dan: “And what is the highest you’ve ever sold your offer for?”

Ken: “We’ve done a 12 and a half million dollar package, basically. That’s a multi-location for pen-testing on an annual contract.”

Dan: “So would I be accurate in assuming that when you came to us, you charged $500, and now you charge upwards of $12 million, correct?”

Ken: “Yeah. And you know, we’ve, of course, modified the offer, right? You used to help with marketing stuff, but now we focused solely on the cyber step. Again, we’re going to basically from that to a very happy business.”

When you have a crazy testimonial like that, you got to make sure that you ask your clients like, Hey, what happened, et cetera, get it on video and toss it in your marketing toss in your sales webinars. No one will ever be able to pitch as well as your customers. No one will ever be able to pitch your products as good as your customers. Remember that.

All right. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll be putting out all kinds of other stuff. And by the way, let me know in the comments. Do you like this sort of behind-the-scenes thing, rather than me just teaching something random? Do you like this behind-the-scenes sort of deal? If so, I’ll do more of them. Let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe. See you in the next one.

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