How Dan Henry Went from Delivering Pizzas to an 8 Figure Online Business.

Years ago, I wanted to be a famous musician...

I spent seven years working at Pizza Hut. I would go home and create songs in my home studio. I hoped one day to make a living from my music and take care of my parents. (That's my Dad 👇)

But that never happened.

I soon realized even if you make it in music, unless you’re Beyoncé, you’re not going to make much cash. So, I had to get serious about making money.

I started with side hustles. I bought some airbrushes and did airbrush tattoos at local birthday parties, among other things like selling cotton candy and Italian ice.

Over the years, I started or bought a total of 14 business. Some I started from scratch and sold, some I bought and flipped, and some completely flopped...

My first big win was buying a bar and restaurant, completely turning it around, and flipping it for a 6 figure profit a year later.

I thought I had achieved the American dream, especially being only 25.

But then America tried to take that dream away from me...

"Dan, you owe $250,000 to the IRS back Taxes...

I didn't have enough money to start or buy a new business. I was tapped.

That’s what led me to a career as a digital entrepreneur. I turned to the only business you can start with $0. An online business.

I became obsessed with the art of getting attention online and growing an audience. Then, helping that audience DIGITALLY and getting freakin paid for it.

I believe the best product in the world is one that cost nothing to make. But one you can sell over and over.

My first digital product took six months to build, and failed miserably.

I was about to give up, but that IRS bill (and my loving wife who encouraged me out of a very dark place), forced me to press on...

So I experimented with every possible method to win at this game. (I tend to obsess over things I’m not good at.)

To my surprise, my SECOND digital product not only took off but it lasted for four years. It generated millions in revenue.

Since then, my team and I have consistently developed products, services, software and events that have done million in sales. All sold using the good old iNteRnEt.

Do you know what it's like to look up to your heroes, and then work your way up the ladder and eventually sit at the same table with them?

It's exhilarating. And humbling.

I have learned a TON from my mentors. But ultimately, the majority came from overly obsessive experimentation, millions in ad spend, and thousands of hours of experience.

Blood, sweat, tears, lost friends, sleepless nights, hours of study and dedication to my craft.

I love this shit.

So much, that I even wrote a book on it, and it became a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller. (You can find it here)

I've since won almost every award this industry offers, and I’ve personally consulted for over 1,000 online entrepreneurs in my career.

Many of them have become quite successful. Many of them are names you would recognize instantly.

I’ve consulted, in some form or another, folks like Andy Stickel, Laurel Portie, John Whiting, Jason Phillips, and more. Even ole Hormozi asked me to walk him through my video sales system years ago. (man that guy is jacked)

I’ve even hosted events and done stage pitches for big influencers like Russell Brunson and Myron Golden.

While this is all amazing, the best part is I get to work from anywhere in the world. As I write this, I'm preparing for a month long vacation in Dubai, then trips to Morocco, Abu Dabi, Vegas and then back home in Costa Rica.

My wife hasn't worked in years, and I get to see my son every day.

Here are my honest thoughts about the online business industry...

The amount of watered down, butchered, and just senseless information I see out there gives me a real case of the red ass.

I feel most of the information on growing an online business is too complicated, overpriced, or just... shitty.

This is why most people over-think what they do, and then end up doing nothing at all.

Which is why I started Get Clients University.

If you need some help, you can check it out here.

Remember, if you give up, you are just throwing away valuable data on what doesn't work. The data is needed to succeed.

Don't give up.