How Dan Henry went from delivering pizzas to a $5 Million Online Business.

It was another Saturday night as I scrambled out the door to avoid the wrath of my boss who’d asked me to once again work on a night I’d planned to go out with friends like a normal 20-something year old…

I was living in Chicago at the time, making a whopping $8/hour delivering pizzas to [hopefully] pay my rent every month…

Dealing with people on a daily basis who didn’t appreciate my rather twisted sense of humor, and constantly being threatened by my boss that I’d be let go if I made one more joke to a customer…

[let’s just say I’m not exactly anyone’s dream employee]

But the problem wasn’t that I didn’t work hard, but rather I didn’t work well

I didn’t work well for someone else.

I’d never been one to conform to rules or act how society thought I should act. So as you can imagine, my personality type didn’t fly so well as an employee.

Plus I knew as long as I worked for someone else, I’d not only be unhappy… but unfulfilled.

As much as I despised the Pizza Boy role, I also knew a personality like mine would never fly in corporate America. [plus there was no way I’d put on a suit and tie every morning only to do the exact same thing for 40 hours a week… every. single. Week.]

So I handed in my pizza boy shirt and walked down a different path.

My first try at being my own boss…

Sitting in my dark studio apartment, I opened my laptop and googled “affiliate marketing”. I’d come across a few articles earlier that peaked my interest, so I decided to give it a go [I didn’t have anything to lose… and no boss breathing down my neck]

“I think I could do this to cover the rent this month … I can market other people’s products and earn money without creating any products of my own… I’m in.”

So I started a niche blog on electronic cigarettes and little did I know I’d end up earning enough to pay my rent… and then some.

14 months later the blog was bringing in $30,000 a month.

“Holy shit… internet money is real”

I was shocked to say the least – shocked that I did something I’d watched so many others do before me. I had my first real taste of success.

From that point forward I became addicted to entrepreneurship and knew it was only uphill from there…

Until I lost every single piece of it.

The unthinkable happened – something I hadn’t considered until it was too late.

Google changed their algorithm, SEO crashed, and my blog’s rankings plummeted… along with my income.

As a result, I had to start over at square one.

Staring back at the drawing board, I decided to try my hand at something new. Something different…

Then I discovered Facebook Ads…

I took every penny I had left to my name and bought a run-down local nightclub with the intention of remodeling and flipping it for profit.

After the remodel was successful, I faced the next problem…

“How do I get customers through the door?!”

It was a small town, so I knew SEO wasn’t going to cut it, and I already despised the thought of using search engines [thanks to my blog’s life being cut short], so I had to get creative.

That’s when I started researching Facebook advertising… and after a few experiments, I found out I was actually pretty damn good at it!

Just weeks later I was able to fill my club with customers, and my income climbed right back up.

I mastered the art of not only running ads, but listening to my target audience.

Instead of doing what I thought my customers wanted, I listened and delivered exactly  what they were asking for.

That chapter turned out to be the key to my success today, and I ended up flipping the nightclub for a 6-figure profit in just over a year.

While I was excited to cash out and pay off several debts (including taxes), it still didn’t solve my cash flow problem.

Over the next several months I tried my hand at even more business ventures…

First, I invested tens of thousands of dollars into creating a software with a monthy membership when my old friend Google decided to rear its ugly head a week before the launch and release a similar product for… wait for it … FREE.

With my tail between my legs, I shut down the company and wrote it off as a loss.

Next was a T-shirt company that I threw my last pennies into.

Between the T-shirt press, ink lying everywhere, big machines to create the screens, my garage [and life] was a mess.. to say the least.

But, using my internet marketing ninja skills I’d realized I had earlier, that business didn’t totally flop. I actually became a top seller on Amazon with hundreds of 5-star reviews on my shirts. [win!]

However, the amount of work it took to run the company was exhausting …

And to top it off, one of the $30,000 machines ended up breaking, and the company I bought it from refused to help me fix it, forcing me to sell it in parts for $6,000 and take yet another huge loss.

Shortly after, I found myself at home, single, sitting alone wondering how I was going to pay the bills [again]…

Enter the love of my life…

Alone, depressed, and looking for someone to talk to, I downloaded a dating app, opened it, made a few swipes, and there she was…

A beautiful Turkish girl sitting in a law office.

Her name was Hilal.

We fell in love, plain and simple.

A few short months later, we were living together and talking marriage …

I wanted nothing more than to provide for her, and not to mention, give her the dream wedding she deserved.

But lo and behold, none of my past entrepreneurial experiments left with me with any cash.

Even though I was struggling to keep the electric on, she told me she didn’t care, and just wanted to be with me …

So we went down to the courthouse and tied the knot – sans the dream wedding she deserved.

[to say that was a blow to my ego would be understatement]

To top it off, she went out and got a job at a local Turkish restaurant to help me pay the bills, and we survived by sharing the free employee meal she’d bring home from her shifts.

Feeling desperate and at an all-time low, I came up with yet another money-making plan where we’d sell water on the side of the road wearing t-shirts that said, “Water $1”!

Admittedly, this may have been my worst idea yet because we didn’t sell a single bottle…

But I was desperate and willing to try anything to provide for my family. 

So I went back to the drawing board once again, determination running through my veins, and figured out a way to achieve the level of success and wealth I’d experienced a few years back.

Just as I was about to throw my computer out the window, my wife walked by and suggested something that would change our lives forever…

She knew I loved starting businesses and working on new ideas, and she also knew I was good at digital marketing (even though she didn’t really know what it was LOL), so she suggested I help others as a service instead.

Believing in me like no one else ever did, she looked at me and said..

“That way you can work on a new business every day.”

So I did.

And that’s how my Online Advertising Agency was born.

By that point, two things were certain:

I was good at digital marketing, and I was pretty good at Facebook ads.

I’d already consumed hundreds of materials from books, trainings, and my own experience running ads for my businesses, so I knew if I could do it for myself, I could get results for other people’s businesses as well.

One month later, I was able to bring in $10,000 just from running ads for clients.

One of my clients, a condo developer, brought in over $900,000 in sales in the first week after hiring me. (We only spent $441 in Facebook ads that week)

That particular success brought a lot of attention onto me and resulted in a feature on the Leadpages blog, various TV interviews, and radio podcasts all labeling me as the Facebook Ads Expert.

After several months of running ads for clients and offering additional coaching services, I built up a substantial cash flow and got myself back on my feet [finally]…

And, like any good entrepreneur, I brainstormed ways I could leverage my knowledge and skill set to help even more people.

I decided to take the knowledge I had from running my Facebook Ad Agency and teach others how to do the same…

My decision to teach others…

I created an online course and began showing others how they could not only run and manage Facebook ads, but how they could build an agency by doing it for clients as well.

As my students began to grow their businesses and get results, I utilized the very same tools I was teaching in my course to grow and drive traffic to the course…

5 months later, I had a seven figure course.

Not only was I having success, but I was changing the lives of my students, and that felt pretty damn awesome!

Hundreds of my students have hit $10,000 per month with their advertising agencies, so I decided to create something special for them to celebrate their success …

And that’s how my 10K Club was born.

Put simply: 2017 was a whirlwind of success.

Not only did I grow my business to 7 figures and win the Dream Car Contest by ClickFunnels for being one of their top affiliates, but I did it all by being me: the funny-hat-wearing, potty-mouth goofball that I am.

I didn’t have to change who I was to reach success.

Fast forward to 2018…

I have over 3,000 students enrolled in my online courses, many have hit over $50,000 per month, I hit the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club last year (a club for anyone who hits seven figures from just one funnel), and I’ve gone on to earn over $3M in my business.

Now, my goal is to share my knowledge and teach others how to create a life they love as well.

Oh – and by the way…

I was finally able to give my wife the dream wedding she deserves.

I even flew her entire family in from Turkey to attend.

Here’s us on our wedding day …

(Isn’t that Batman cake sweet?!?!)

More importantly, I can finally look at my wife with pride in my eyes and provide for all of her needs…

And even though that was never important to her, it was always important to me …

That meant more to me than anything money could ever buy.

OH – and just when we thought life couldn’t get any better…

We welcomed this bundle of joy into our lives.

Meet Bruce…

This little guy right here is the reason I’ll continue to work hard each and every day to reach a level of success for my family, so that he’ll never have to know what it’s like to sell water bottles on the side of the road or struggle to eat or pay the electric bill.

My son changed everything for me, and I’ll never have to miss the most important moments in his life… thanks to the business I built.